Im not safe

Her dad Is a drunk who is abusive and at school she is Bullied. She cuts and she starved herself.
She needs help and love. Will she be saved?


3. what's going on?

Beep beep beep

I heard beeping and I felt wires in my arm I tried opening my eyes but couldn't and I passed out again.

Nialls POV

When I saved Nicole last year she ran. I looked for her and couldn't find her so I came back to Ireland and went on the xfactor. I'm now in one direction. Recently I found her looks like she's helped herself. We are in the hospital (me and the boys) waiting for her to wake up. I'm worried about her because the doctor won't tell me what's wrong. Her arms are bandaged up and she has tubes in her arms.

Nicole's POV

I woke up to that same beeping noise. I opened my eyes only to close them again then I slowly opened them again trying to adjust to the bright light "Nicole?!" I looked to my right and their was niall "niall? What are you doing here? What happened? Where's my aunt?" I started to panic "it's okay." He grabbed my hand "I had to make sure you were fine. I don't know what wrong nobody will tell me. And your aunt went to get some clothes for you" I looked around "niall? Who's that" he turned around "that's Louis!"

"Hello Nicole!!" Louis beamed "h-hi" soon my aunt walked in "Nicole!! Your awake!" She ran over and got gave me a hug "this is one direction, they all stayed here with me. Why didn't you tell me about niall?!" I just shrugged "when can we go home" "well I cleaned out your room and bathroom and the house... I think you know what I mean" I looked down in shame "I haven't told anyone." I nodded "the doctor said I can take you home. You boys want to eat dinner with us?"

"Sure" a curly haired boy said


When I got home I ran upstairs to my room. "Nicole?" I heard niall right as I opened my room "hmm?" I asked while walking inside he followed

"You okay?" I nodded and walked to my closet and opened the double doors and walked in. When I noticed niall didn't follow I poked my head out and said "com'on then" he walked in "umm you don't have a lot of clothes!" I giggled and opened another door "I put them in here" his mouth made an "o" shape then I grabbed his hand and pulled him across the closet and to a secret door I lead him down the stairs and to my secret room

"This is my room away from my room! I found it when I moved in. For my birthday I got that couch tv xbox and games. With my own money I got more games a laptop a mini fridge and some art stuff and that rug.!" He was shocked "woah!!" I smiled and sat down "I usually come down here when I'm alone... I even have a bathroom In here!" Wait! I left a blade down here! I smiled and ran to the bathroom.. Yep it's still here. I hid it in the closet and walked back out

"Who are your friends niall?" He looked at me "well..."he started and I sat next to him in the couch and he wrapped his as around me "after you ran I tried looking for you and when I couldn't I came back here quit boxing... Which I still do just not proffesonally... I went on the xfactor and now those boys are in a band with me. You met Louis the curly haired one is Harry the one with black hair is zayn and the other one is Liam." I nodded "do you like being in a band?" He smiled and nodded "yeah. It's amazing and I feel so alive on stage!"

"How long are you in town?" "Umm one month I think..." I nodded "we should go check on my aunt. Oh and never tell anyone about this room!" He nodded and we went upstairs.

We found the boys watching a movie but Louis wasn't there "I'm going to the bathroom. Wait here" I really wasn't. I walked to the kitchen but stopped I heard Louis and Wendy talking. "Wendy, your my aunt and I love you but we need to tell Nicole" "I know. But what do we say? Hey Nicole, Louis is your brother!" I heard a sigh "your right... I just. I miss having my baby sister in my as and seeing her beautiful eyes and smile" "you know she has your personality and eyes! Just watch her while you stay here" "I will I'll go tell everyone dinner is ready."

I backed up and made it look like I was barely walking in "oh hey Nicole! Dinners ready!" I smiled and nodded

What is going on?! Louis my brother?! And I'm his sister? Since when??

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A/N hey guys this chapter is a little short but I need to keep it like this to set up the next chapter. I hope you guys like it!! Please like favorite and comment any ideas or suggestions you have!

Love you and thanks for reading!!


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