Im not safe

Her dad Is a drunk who is abusive and at school she is Bullied. She cuts and she starved herself.
She needs help and love. Will she be saved?


6. what?!

WHAT??" Louis yelled jumping out if his seat. He ran out if the office. "I'll get him" Wendy ran after him "anyway." The man continued "the girls mom died. We found her body" I gasped "we are taking the girl to an orphanage" "NO!!" Everyone looked at me "I wanna keep her!" I looked at niall and he smiled

"Come with me" the man said. We followed him to an office and we sat down "ok so are you a couple because if not one of you needs to leave." "We are getting married next month" niall said before I could say anything. "Ok then... You need to sign here... Here.... Here .....and here." We signed all the parts we needed to and then we left.

Wendy walked over to me "are you ready to have a child if your own?" I smiled and said "trust me. I am!" She smiled and we all piled out and into the cars.

When we got home Louis and Wendy pulled me into the bedroom "we need to talk." Wendy said "go ahead..." I said "okay.." Louis started "I know this might be hard to believe but.." "Just say it." He started telling me


"Kennybear!!" Louis yelled chasing me "my name is Nicole" "yeah but your middle name is kennybear" I stopped "no it's not. It's Kendra." Louis caught up to me and laughed hugging me "I love you sister" "I love you too carrots"

"Daddy!!" I yelled "hello pumpkin" he had suitcases in his hand "where you goin?" Louis asked "Nikki and I are leaving." "What?? Daddy no!! I'm not leaving Louis!!!" Dad picked me up "I'm sorry but it's not safe." "Why? Daddy let go! I'm not going!" I screamed "Louis!!!!! Don't let me go!!!" Louis was crying and he walked over "it's ok Kenny. You need to go..." I cried because I saw him crying "no! I don't want to go!! I love you and I'm not going!!!" He sat me in my seat and buckled me in "Louis no!!" He kissed my cheek and shit the door to me screaming his name "bye" he mouthed blowing me a kiss and waving.

Flashback end

So I guess I'm trying to tell you that your my sister" he bit his lip and waited for my reaction "I know." "What?!" Both Louis and Wendy asked in shock. "I heard y'all talking in the kitchen as couple weeks ago..." Louis then said "oh.. Well I guess I should tell you about who Richard Gonzalo is.."


"Richard go away!!!!" Mom yelled "fine. I'll be back little sister. I will get her." My mom screamed "get out!!!!!!! I hate you your noty brother and you will NEVER gets baby!!!" Richard just laughed and walked out.

"Richard is your uncle going after you." I nodded "I know. Dad told me before he went insane." Louis nodded and Wendy said " you know your dad is looking for you." I nodded and looked down... "I've been wanting to go back to texas.."

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