Im not safe

Her dad Is a drunk who is abusive and at school she is Bullied. She cuts and she starved herself.
She needs help and love. Will she be saved?


7. reluctance

Previous: I want to go to texas...

Nikki POV

"Nicole Kendra Peterson. You definitely aren't going back there where your father can get you. Isn't bad enough that Richard is after you?! Don't be silly." I just rolled my eyes "please? I'm not going their for my father, I'm going because it's my home." Wendy stood up "no means NO. You are NOT going back." She stormed out. I just looked at Louis and then walked out.

"Where's Wendy?" I asked niall "I don't know." I just nodded and ran upstairs to change. I got in my swimming suit and walked out to the pool. I climbed up the ladder. I need to lose weight... And I have to practice my dives anyway. I got to the top and decided what dive I should do. "Let's start out easy" I whispered to myself I jumped twice before doing a simple dive into the water.

I was diving for 20 minutes when I decided to do a back flip. I climbed once again to the top and jump a couple of times before flipping in the air doing a back flip and diving into the water.

I was getting tired so I got out of the pool and walked over to my towel. I dried my body "those were beautiful dives" I turned around and screamed an ear piercing scream that lasted about 10 seconds before he covered my mouth.

He grabbed my hands and I kicked and struggled. I bit his hand and shoved him in the pool he hit his head and passed out. "Niall!!" I screamed

Nialls POV

"Niall!!" I jumped up and darted to the backyard I saw Nikki and she pointed to the pool "get him out!" She sobbed I hesitated but jumped in and pulled him out. I ran over to her "what happened??" "I-I don't know.. H-h-e a-appeared out of know eh-where and I screamed. And he tried taking me b-but I shoved him in b-but h-he hit his head a-and" I pulled her into my arms and shushed her "it's okay your okay."

We called the police and they took the man. Apparently his name was Damian calaway. He's working for Richard. Ugh I hate that man...

A/n sorry for the short chapter guys.. Okay so I'm doing a competition for a best friend for Nicole... It's going to last until April 20th I will choose 3 or less so good luck!! So here's what I need.


Hair / eye color



Physical features

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