Im not safe

Her dad Is a drunk who is abusive and at school she is Bullied. She cuts and she starved herself.
She needs help and love. Will she be saved?


2. 1 year later

I just turned 18 and I moved in with my aunt Wendy. We ireland, mullingar to be exact. I often wonder what happened to niall. I wonder if he got away from my dad, is he still a boxer?

I should have stayed to make sure he was okay but I was scared. I got bullied when I moved here... Nothing new. I got into boxing I work out everyday, I dress in dark clothes I still have my long hair. But everyone is scared of me. I'm on the football team (soccer) and I act happy but I'm not. I still go home everyday and cut. I cut my legs, my thighs because I like short sleeves and shorts so I don't want anyone to see. Anyway here's my story.

"Nicole guess who I just saw kissing your boyfriend!" My eyes glazed over and I got that feeling that all hell would break loose "who?!" I said through gritted teeth "renae. In the gym " I walked to the gym and there they were. I pulled renae off "what the hell drake.!!" "Com'on we were just having a good time" I swear you could see steam coming from my ears. I pulled my arm back the released he went flying into the bleachers. I turned to renae " please I'm so sorry Nicole. Don't hurt me!" I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her outside to her boyfriend "here I found this slut making out with my boyfriend. You can have her back" I dropped her hair and turned around "your boyfriend is a man whore!" I knew he was going to punch me I leaned to the side as his fist missed. I grabbed his hand and flipped him over my head he landed on his back. "Well... I would agree. But so are you." I heard someone laughing I turned around and saw someone I never thought I'd see again.

"Niall?!" All the girls went and surrounded him "niall!! Omg it's niall horan" "is it really you?" "Sing a song" "where's the rest of the band!?"

That's all I heard and I was getting everwhlemed. I turned and ran "wait!! Nicole!" I turned and saw niall chasing after me "is it really you?" I hugged him "are you ok?" He asked and I nodded "you've changed so much! You know I've been looking for you ever since you ran. I know we don't know each other but I was worried about you" I felt tears run down my face "I forgot to tell you something" I pulled away to look at him "I forgot to tell you thanks" He let out a laugh "I forgot to say your welcome" I smiled "I need to go"

I turned to go . "I'll walk you home" I smiled when I got home I gave niall a hug and shut the door

All my emotions were hitting me at once I ran up to my room and got out my blade. I was too much in a hurry to get Mythighs so I just went for my wrist "one for trusting drake" I whispered to myself "another for being fat . Ugly. Useless and one for my dad. And for niall" I gave myself six cuts when Wendy yelled "I'm home!!" I got up super fast through my blade in the cupboard got a rag and wiped my arm up (which stung so bad I almost screamed) then I walked out and put my jacket on

Hello darling. Are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost" I nodded I felt light headed "yeah- i-I'm fine just umm-" I collapsed to the floor and the last thing I heard was "hello? I need an ambulance! My niece just passed out!" After that it was all darkness


N/ I hope you guys like it so far. I hope it's not too confusing. Niall is now in one direction but Nikki doesn't know that yet. Anyway if you get confused just leave my comments. I need 2 girls that will be Nicole's best friends

Comment your name, age, hair color and eyes color.

Love you guys!!

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