Discovery - In Search of Truth Pt 2

Tom and Sinead, on the run, arrive in Malaysia.


1. This Flight Tonight

It seemed to be a perfect landing. I sat gripping Sinead's hand tightly, my eyes scrunched closed tight. The flight hadn't been too bad, but my fears of flying had resurrected themselves as the plane started it's descent into Kuala Lumpur airport. Sinead kept looking across, laughing at me. She thought that my fears were totally irrational. I squeezed her hand tighter in response, extracting a small yell from her lips as the pain hit her. Her eyes threw metaphorical daggers at me and it was my turn to laugh.

'Such a wimp' she said, the smile reappearing on her face.

I returned the smile, reaching over to kiss her lips lightly as a peace offering. She returned the favour before pulling away.

'Love you' I stated squeezing her hand lightly this time.

She smiled, but didn't return the phrase. I knew she loved me, she knew that I knew, so never felt the need to state the obvious. At times it could be a little irritating but it was just one of the wondrous baggage that made up Sinead.

The flight had been long and tedious. After the first initial excitement had died down, we set into a steady pattern of snoozing, reading and watching the various films. You soon get bored. The food, whilst good, helped spread out and compartmentalised the trip into sections. It was the last section that proved to be the killer though. Sinead even took to the inflight journal to find something different. She found an interesting article on Japanese Gods. One in particular obviously hit the mark with her as she carefully ripped out the article. Leaning across I saw the title, but the name meant nothing to me, Kappa.

We exited the plane when it connected to the air terminal and made our way through to the baggage collection lounge. After ten hours on a flight, the sudden hustle and bustle of the terminal took me by surprise. Whilst cool, obviously some great air conditioning, I started to get some sort of sense of the heat that would be waiting for us outside the terminal.

As usual in these place, well from what I'm told as I haven't done much foreign travel, we were hanging around for ages for our bags to come down the carousel. When they finally arrived, the gloss of newness now lost, we picked them up and headed towards customs and immigration.

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