Discovery - In Search of Truth Pt 2

Tom and Sinead, on the run, arrive in Malaysia.


3. Reactions

It was as if the world was in slow motion, events around us seemed to happen at the normal pace, but in our bubble the world was moving at a much slower rate. I saw the look of horror on Sinead's face and felt a glow start to appear in my body, rising from my neck towards my head, my skin turning red with embarrassment. For what seemed like an eternity I couldn't speak. My mind seemed to be in neutral as I realised how this might look to Sinead, whom already thought that I was having some sort of clandestine relationship with Mai.  

You've seen the cartoons where there's the character stood there tapping their foot repeatedly on the floor with their folded arms. Well that's how I imagined Sinead was stood.  

'Sinead, this is Mai' I said eventually. Then I was flummoxed, had I done that in the right order, should I have introduced Mai to Sinead. I'd been overcome by the moment.  

I saw Mai and Sinead eye each other up.  

'It's great to finally meet you Sinead, Tom's told me so much about you over the past few months' Mai finally broke the silence, 'Tom wasn't joking when he said that you were beautiful' 

'Nice to meet you as well' Sinead said with no emotion whatever in her voice.  

'I've got a car,' Mai said, 'and I've sorted you out with a nice hotel quite near to where I live.' 

I heard a murmur of disapproval from Sinead but either Mai didn't hear it or she decided to ignore it. 

'Come on then, lets get going' Mai said cheerfully picking up Sinead's bag and heading towards the door. I stared at her rear view. She wore a long flowing floral dress which although wasn't tight fitting managed to hug her figure. She looked extremely sophisticated, a very self assured young woman, she'd certainly changed since the last time I saw her. She'd always been quietly beautiful but she blossomed over the years into a real beauty. 

I turned back to Sinead and saw her eyes were following Mai's departure as well. Looking at Sinead, who was dressed as usual in a t-shirt and jeans, her hair was tousled and she looked pale and worn out after the long flight. I love Sinead more than anything in the word, but even through my rose tinted glasses I could see that she looked dowdy in comparison with Mai. The look in Sinead's eyes betrayed for once her true feeling. I saw her look down at her body as if contemplating herself. Once again I saw the little girl in her face and eyes. She was comparing herself with Mai and by her expression was coming up wanted. 

I reached out for her hand. She looked into my face with a look of disgust. I reached out again and she reluctantly took it, her face a picture of torment. Pulling her towards me, I encountered resistance in her body.  

'Why have you brought me here?' she said venomously. She was like a coiled snake ready to bite and I was to be the victim. I hoped that we'd manage to get back to the hotel before she pounced. 

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