Discovery - In Search of Truth Pt 2

Tom and Sinead, on the run, arrive in Malaysia.


4. Reactions - Sineads Point of View

Sinead’s Point of View

The heat hit me as I walked out of the door of the air terminal. It was like walking out into a tumble dryer. I wished that I’d worn something a little more suitable for the conditions. However in England the temperature’s had been freezing when we boarded the plane. The cacophony of sound that greeted us as we stepped into the midday sun was deafening. I could make out the planes landing, strange exotic bird song mixed in with blaring horns.

To say that I was mad with Tom was an understatement. When I‘d seen the way Tom had grabbed hold of Mai, the way they were tightly embracing, the position that Tom had his hands resting on her bottom, I felt like hitting him. Then they'd kissed. I could feel the anger rising in my body to the extent that I thought my head was about to explode into a thousand pieces. folding my arms across my chest in an attempt to control myself, I starred at them. My mind was in total turmoil. here he was kissing another girl right in front of my eyes. He'd told me there was nothing going on between them, but their action betrayed this fact. The tears in both their eyes, the warmth of their welcome and the kiss. I keep going back to the kiss but it was that that had really tipped me over the edge. I felt like he'd taken a dagger and stabbed me in the back.

When they turned back to me, the smiles on their faces were as though Mai was twisted the buried dagger. I heard Tom say something and then Mai reaching out to shake my hand. I reluctantly took her hand and muttered a greeting back. Still seething I didn't want to make a scene in the airport lounge.

Mai picked up my bag and murmured something about taking us to a hotel, did she think I was such an invalid that I couldn't even carry my own bag. I looked at Tom and was about to say something when I saw he was gazing at the rear view of Mai as she sauntered through the building. The very rear view that I'd seen him fondling minutes before. His wistful looks said it all really. He wanted her not me. I looked at where he was looking and then down at my own dishevelled state. Mai was beautiful, of course Tom would want her rather than me. I felt tears prick my eyes, but was determined not to let anyone see how hurt I felt. Now would be a good time to put up those glass walls.

Tom took my hand, how dare he was my thought. He'd brought me here to this country and now he was going to run off with his former lover. Tom always said that nothing had ever happened between them and I had believed him. If their behaviour just now had anything to go by he was lying through his hind teeth.

'Why have you brought me here', I snarled at him before walking towards the exit.

The ride back to the hotel was torture. Mai had a swish new car with air conditioning and so it was a relief to get back into the cool. Quite how I was going to manage in this climate I didn't know, sweat appeared to be pouring from every one of my glands. Sat in the back of the car I listened to Mai and Tom talking about old friends and old times, events I knew nothing about. I saw Mai look in the mirror at times and try to include me in the conversation. I couldn't trust myself to say anything civil. My mother’s phrase ‘if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all’. Why after all those horrible things she’d done to Tom and I, she came into my mind I didn’t know. Maybe she had been right all along about Tom. Was he going to leave me pregnant and run off with this Asian princess?

Mai dropped us at the hotel. Tom arranged for her to join us for dinner that night and we booked in. It was a small hotel, but seemed quite luxurious. More importantly it had air conditioning, which would be so important here. I hardly said a word as we checked in. Tom could see my displeasure and gave me a wide berth. When the porter had left us in our room, I quickly made an excuse and went into the bathroom. I locked the door behind me sinking to the floor with my back to the bath. It was then I released the tears.

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