Discovery - In Search of Truth Pt 2

Tom and Sinead, on the run, arrive in Malaysia.


2. Mai

An hour later we exited through to the arrivals lounge. It hadn't been too long a time. our bags had been taken apart and our passports checked to what appeared to be the nth degree. It was quite a relief to eventually be admitted to the country. I was quite worried, as I think Sinead was, whether we'd be allowed into the country. We wondered if Sinead's family might have put an alert out for her, but it appeared not to be the case. 

I have to admit that I was a little anxious of Sinead meeting Mai. I loved them both, in different ways. However they were as different as chalk and cheese in temperament. Mai had been my best friend for years, most people thought we'd had a relationship, however that had never happened. As close as we were, friendship was all we had ever had. When she'd left England a few years ago, there had been many tears for both of us. For five years we'd been soul mates and now we'd got to part.I have to say I nearly asked her to marry me at that point. Although I probably would have meant it at the time, I'm glad now that I didn't. They say that there's always someone there for you, I'm happy that that person was Sinead. 

There was a sea of faces behind the barrier as we wandered through. The level of noise was raised quite considerably, the babble of foreign languages always sounded exotic. I only knew English, and there are some who say I didn't even know that really well. Glancing around I failed to spot Mai on the first look. I started to get anxious that she'd not arrived. It was then that I spotted her, virtually right in front of me. She had a beaming smile on her tender face, her white teeth in contrast to her light brown skin. 

I dropped the bag I was carrying and swept her up in my arms. I'd forgotten how slim and petit Mai was. I hadn't realised just how much I'd missed her in the past few years. Tears started rolling down my face and I could feel the wetness of her tears on my neck. I hugged her tightly and could feel the steel like grip Mai had on me. 

I loosened my grip slightly to look down into her face. I saw the happiness in her face, the smile and the tears falling down her cheeks. I don't know what came over me but I leant in and kissed her lips. I pulled back surprised by my action. I could see the shock on Mai's face as well which quickly melted and she pulled me back into the embrace.  

'Oh I've missed you' I said between the tears. 

'Me too, glad you're here' Mai replied. 

I heard a little cough behind me. Sinead, Oh Doctor I'd forgotten all about Sinead. I shot apart from Mai as I saw the look on Sinead's face.

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