Would you?


1. Would you?

Would you see me,

would you see me if I were on top?

What if the top were a building?

Would you then see me?


Would you shout my name?

Would you beg me to calm down?

Or just get down?

I don't know.


Would you hold me tight?

Would you tell me that you need me?

Or just leave me again?

Tell me.


Would you hurt me?

Would you do the same things you did before?

Or would you stay with me?

Tell me, please.


I would.

I would shout your name.

I would hold you tight.

I would tell you that I need you.


But would you listen?

Would listen to the pain in my words?

Or are they just empty promises for you?

Do you not care?


Would you trust me if I said I love you?

Or would you breake me down again?

It's all I need to know.

And it's all you won't tell me...

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