I'm In Love With My Babysitter

*B1D, before 1D, Louis Tomlinson Fanfic*
My name, Chloe. My story? Well long story short, I drink alcohol, get drunk twenty-four / seven and possibly have sex every single night! I'm most known around Doncaster for sleeping with guys and getting drunk every night - But that all changes when my mother gets a babysitter for my little brother, the baby sitters name - Louis. Louis Tomlinson. But when I kiss him it's different, when I kiss him I feel something, when I kiss him it's meaning full....


1. Coming Home Drunk - Again |Chloe P.O.V|

The guy kissed me, hard, I didn't know who he was, how old he was or why he was here but I was one hundred percent sure that I was drunk off of my bottle! I grabbed the his hair, making him moan, "I love you," he moaned. I smirked as my phone buzzed, 

"One minute babe," I whispered in his ear, he moaned as I got out of his grip and grabbed my phone from the table next to us. The message was from my mother, (M - Mother, C - Chloe)


M - Chloe, I got a babysitter for Charlie, come back home now please! I won't be back unil later tomorrow so make sure you're good! I don't want him to tell me that you've been a pain the ass! x x x x x


C - K, just leaving anybway. Bree you soon xX


M - You're drunk again aren't you! UGH, we'll talk about this when I see you next! No going out tomorrow! x x x x x


C - Otay xX


Well it looks like I'm in trouble tomorrow, stupid blurry vision! At least the babysitter's male, might have some fun with him when mother goes on a work trip or something, I smirked to myself and grabbed my bag, coat and phone before leaving - without saying goodbye to who ever that strange guy was! I walked back home and stumbled into the door - slamming in behind me so who ever this babysitter was he heard that I was home. A tall boy came in the room, he had brown messy hair and sea blue eyes - All in all he was fairly cute and someone I would defiantly want to sleep with! "Hey, you must be Chloe?" He asked, I nodded, "I'm Louis," I smiled at him and stumbled forward, falling as I did. 'Louis' caught me tho, "Whow, easy there." He told me and held me in his arms, "Your drunk," he told me. 

"Really?" I said sarcastically, he laughed,

"Come on, better get you in bed," he said as he guided me up the stairs. I properly fell down a couple but luckily Louis was there to save me. "Where's your bed room?" He asked, I pointed to the room next to the one that had letters on the door saying 'Charlie' he nodded and began to guide me towards the room. As I lay down I began to think about Charlie, I don't know why but I did.

"Where's Charlie?" I asked, Louis smiled at me,

"Asleep - In his cot, try not to make to much noise," I yawned and nodded. As Louis turned I grabbed his arm,

"Stay here," I pleaded, he smiled and nodded. He climbed in the other side of my bed and wrapped his arms around me - I didn't push him for sex, I don't know why but there was something with Louis, something I'd never felt. Something that told me to stay calm around him and that's when I think that it's going to be a bit more harder to mess with Louis than it's ever been with any man....



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