Two girls. Two lives. One meeting.
Children split at birth, doomed to be separated yet fated to meet again. But will their meeting be the end of everything?

This is my entry that I'm working on for the Salvage: A Creative Writing Contest :)


8. The Rescue

The pain was evident the second I became conscious. My eyelids were heavy and the my whole body felt warm and achey. Cautiously, I sat up and opened my eyes but the pain from my head and back was so agonising that for a second the whole of my vision went white. 

Once the light subsided and I could see again, I looked around and realised that all of the lights were on and it was empty. To my horror, I realised that no-one was here because they'd thought I was dead. They left me here to die.

Subconsciously, I did wonder why I wasn't dead or, at least, completely unable to move but then I remembered Lily's story. I was made for this.

Thinking of Lily I looked around to see if I could spot her but my stomach dropped when I realised that she wasn't here and I knew that they'd taken her and the likelihood was that they were going to hurt her...and badly. I needed to find her quickly.

I leant forward onto my knees and placed my weight onto my hands, testing to see if I could support my own body weight. Shakily, I pushed off of my hands and braced myself onto the balls of my feet and then pushed myself up; my head began to spin violently; my breathing heavy and my whole body sweating. Unsteady, I stumbled over to the nearest shop window to lean on and get my breath back and I looked over to where I was laying and felt my stomach shift again when I noticed the blood stains on the ground where I was previously laying. I didn't know where I was bleeding from but I was too intent on finding Lily, that I didn't even bother to check. I could stand. And that was good enough for me.


I crept through the shopping centre, until I spotted  a guard. Thinking fast, I began to follow him, keeping to the shadows and low to the ground. I followed him until he stopped suddenly outside of a dusty book store, where he entered quickly without a second glance. I followed him in, expecting to find a room filled with guards but instead finding an empty, musty bookstore. Even the man who had just entered seemed to have vanished. Confused I searched around the shop, inspecting it for anything out of the ordinary, when I noticed a large book half pointing out of a shelf. Cautiously I went up to it and pushed it back into the place, then suddenly the ground on which I stood shook and began to spin around, as well as the bookcase until it stopped on the other side in a hidden passage. It was dark and coated in cobwebs and a trail of voices streamed through it. I crept along the passage until I noticed a guard at the end of the passage with his back to me. Quietly, I crept up behind him and locked my arm around his throat, to knock him unconscious, and then laid his body on the ground.

Continuing on, I crept forward until I reached a room full of people. I peered in. Despite the musty passage, the room was massive, clean and well lit with a large chandelier hanging from the centre of the ceiling.  Directly beneath that, was a large man looming over a chair...which my sister was tied to, blood covering her face and much of her clothes. The man slapped her across the face and laughed.

"I'll enjoy this very much, you will pay for what you did!" he spat.

Panicking, I looked around for something to do to help, when I noticed some stairs just to the right, small and twisting tightly upwards and led to a small space with a window looking down on the room. Taking a knife out of my utility belt, I aimed it at the rope holding up the chandelier.

I aimed.

"You'll pay for what you did to my sister." I whispered.

I threw.

And then leapt right after it. The knife hurtling through the air and my body twisting after it. The knife cut straight through the rope and I grabbed onto the end as the chandelier fell- a blazing ball of beauty- and at the last second I jumped and flipped into a man standing nearby. The chandelier landed straight onto the man, crushing him, the glass shards scattering through the air like blades of sparkling light. Everyone stared at me, unsure of what to do.

Then suddenly they all moved, fists and feet flying at me as I leapt and bound through them.

"Alex, untie me! I can help!"

Swiftly, I leapt through the incoming men and sliced a knife through the bonds on Lily's wrists and feet.

"Thanks sister, now come on. Lets teach these guys a lesson!"

Smiling she ran towards me and jumped, where I grabbed her hands and spun, her feet colliding with all of the men in close proximity. I pushed her upwards and she went sailing through the air and sent several men collapsing on the ground.

I turned and punched a guy square in the mouth and kicked his knees so he fell tumbling forward. I then turned and grabbed two men (one in each hand) and spun my arms, flipping them onto their backs. Quickly, I turned and jabbed someone in the eye, another a kick to the stomach. Kicks and punches were flung everyone and me and Lily were winning by miles. 

When suddenly the ground began to shake violently, sending everyone still standing, stumbling all over the place. Lily looked at me.

"We need to leave now! There's a bomb and I totally forgot. They were all supposed to leave but I guess we kinda delayed them slightly! But we need to leave!"

Panicked, she grabbed my hand and we ran for it: through the passage, out of the book shop, through the lower level of the shopping centre, with red hot flames lapping at out heels. 

The exit was close but the flames were so close behind us.

We're not going to make it...

I ran as fast as I could, my head pounding and my legs screaming but still we ran. Then I felt an arm around my waist and saw Lily throw something at the wall, blowing a hole in it. She wrapped herself around me and screamed "Hold on!" as she pulled out a grapple gun and aimed it at the wall, the blade wedging itself into the wall. It pulled us up and forward with a jerk, the exit edging closer and closer. We reached it just as the shopping centre exploded.

We went flying through the air, screaming, as the whole of the shopping centre was set ablaze, painting the skies with blazing oranges, reds and yellows. We landed with a painful CRACK onto the ground. My whole body hurt but we made it. We were alive. I pulled myself up and ran to Lily and pulled her into a hug.

"We did it" I whispered into her hair "we're alive..."

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