Two girls. Two lives. One meeting.
Children split at birth, doomed to be separated yet fated to meet again. But will their meeting be the end of everything?

This is my entry that I'm working on for the Salvage: A Creative Writing Contest :)


6. The Plan

Admittedly, I probably went a little bit hysterical after what she told me but I think any sane person would be a little bit freaked out too if they find out that their twin is a spy or assassin and that you supposedly have a gift of being one too and that you're being hunted down. For a long time I sat there, staring at Lily, at my sister, my sister who's telling me that she's an assassin and that I'm an assassin too. It was madness, this was madness surely?

But the way Lillian was sat there looking at me: nervous, worried but also so hopeful and no matter how twisted this was and-quite frankly- how bloody terrifying this was, I couldn't abandon her. And the way she looked at me told me that this was real. This was real and she needed my help. And the reality of what was happening showed me that I needed her help too.

"Okay," I said at last "I'll help you. I mean technically I don't have that much choice anyway seeing as I can't really get out of here on my own but I want to help you. But you'll need to help me- train me, show me the basics so I can at least be of some help."

She beamed at me, her hazel eyes brightening.

"Alex you're a star! I couldn't do this without you. And of course I'll help you. But if you're exactly like me then you won't need that much really. Come on, we need to get some stuff together."

She climbed out of the clothing rack and I followed her. She led me to the outdoor clothing section and pulled out two catsuits and held one out to more.

"Ha ha. No way. No way in hell."

"Come on, these fit to your body and allow you to move, allow you to breathe and stop you overheating or freezing and they don't rip and they blend into the darkness."

With a lot of reluctance, we both got changed. We travelled around the whole of the department store, collecting items that may come in use. By the end, we were both dressed in skin tight black catsuits, knee high black flat boots, black leather gloves, a utility belt which contained a laser that she gave me, a grapple hook and a knife. 

We did look pretty great I couldn't deny it.


"Right, come on. Training time. Hit me." Lily said, standing feet apart directly in front of me. 

I started to protest but she just held up her hand to silence me.

I sighed, curled my hand into a fist and went to punch her shoulder but she grabbed my hand with ease and bent it backwards, which made me wince.

"Rule one: hold your hand tightly in a fist, otherwise it won't cause that much damage to your opponent but it will more likely injure you, causing bruising, fractures and possibly broken knuckles."

I went to punch again but she sidestepped, grabbed my wrist, and pushed me backwards over her ankle that she hooked around the back of my leg, causing me to fall backwards.

"Rule two: don't be so obvious! You want the element of surprise. If you want to hit someone, don't look at exactly where you're going to hit otherwise they'll know and stop you easily."

Now she went to hit me.

"Search for your opponents weak spot and strike."

She jabbed me in my right side, directly under my rib cage, causing me to stagger backwards. I lunged forward, sending a kick towards her stomach but she grabbed my foot and twisted, sending my other leg kneeling on the ground.

"Don't make a kick so brash and open. Only kick low, away from your opponents hands, and if you're going for that kind of strike, at least stun them first and send them back before going for a strike."

"Knock them off their feet."

"Jump and wrap your legs around their shoulders, pulling them to the floor."

"Grab their wrist, twist and fling them over your shoulder."

"Use your elbows and knees to your advantage, they cause a lot of damage, and don't cause you that much pain."

She fired numerous punches, kicks, again and again whilst all the while firing comments at me, telling me different techniques and what to do. It was exhausting. 

Finally, she went to punch me, I blocked both of her hands, holding them in my own, twisted them and then forced her backwards, pushing her against my ankle at the back of her leg and floored her in one. I rested my foot on her stomach to show her I was done.

She smiled up at me and laughed.

"You're ready."


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