Two girls. Two lives. One meeting.
Children split at birth, doomed to be separated yet fated to meet again. But will their meeting be the end of everything?

This is my entry that I'm working on for the Salvage: A Creative Writing Contest :)


4. The Panic

I screamed, the tension building up in my throat, until suddenly a hand clamped over my mouth.

A voice right next to my ear whispered, "Shut up Alex! It's Lily. Now shut up before they hear you!" 

She released me and I whispered back "Before who hears me? Lily what is going on? Why are the lights out? Why am I whispering? Where the hell is everyone?"

Lily remained silent for a moment, the silence making the darkness seem even more suffocating and impending. 

She finally replied.

"Not here. We need to find somewhere more secluded where we won't be found, then I promise I will tell you everything. Come on, we need to leave now because I guarantee someone already has a good idea we're here and they're probably on their way now."

I remained frozen in my seat, unable to move.

"Alex, move! Now! Or I swear to god I will knock you out and drag you out of that chair myself!"

Carefully, I made my way off of my chair and onto the floor, reaching out blindly into the darkness, hoping not to bang into anything. 

"Lily? I can't see a thing, what are we supposed to do?"

I heard a faint clatter next to me and suddenly something was being rammed into my hands. I ran my hands over them and it felt like a pair of goggles. Confused, I turned to where I thought Lily was. 

"Umm....what are these?"

"Just put them on and you'll see. Literally."

So with difficulty, I placed them over my eyes and everything came into focus. I realised Lily had given me night vision goggles- showing me everything in the darkness, tainting everything a dark shade of green. I looked at Lily and she was smiling at me, also wearing goggles.

"How-" I began, but she silenced me with a 'I'll tell you everything later' look.

She took my hand and we stood up and made our way to the other side of the cafe and I was about to reach for the door to leave when we heard aggressive voices that were heading this way. I froze and looked at Lily in panic but she still looked calm. Quickly and swiftly, she tugged we towards a door that said 'Staff Only' and we went inside and shut the door behind us. We got there literally in the nick of time before the people entered the cafe, a deep voice growling instructions to others.


On the floor of the small room, I saw a large brush and wedged it up against the door handle, trying to give us as much time as possible- though I certainly wasn't sure what the plan was when we were stuck in a tiny room with aggressive men just a door away.

I had no idea what to do but when I looked around at Lily, she was already at work. She was on the ground, with her large bag open next to her, using a laser to cut the metal grates off of a small vent. I stared at her in awe as she skilfully cut around the edge of the vent, then placed the metal to one side and shoved the laser back into her bag.

She beckoned to me to follow her as she began to shimmy herself into the vent, pulling her body into the ridiculously small space. Once I saw her feet vanish, I crouched down and started to manoeuvre my body into the gap. God I hate small spaces. But once my body was safely inside the vent, I heard the door crash open and realised I hated those men much more than small spaces. 

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