Two girls. Two lives. One meeting.
Children split at birth, doomed to be separated yet fated to meet again. But will their meeting be the end of everything?

This is my entry that I'm working on for the Salvage: A Creative Writing Contest :)


7. The Attack

We crept through the upper level of the shopping centre, night vision googles on all the while and forever stopping at corners to check for any signs of life. So far we'd found no-one.

Suddenly Lily stopped and crouched low and I instantly followed her lead; footsteps were approaching quickly- from two opposite directions. We stood up slowly and turned back to back. I took in a deep breath to steady my shaking hands and rapid breathing and turned my attention to the two men walking towards me.

As they came into view Lily hissed "Now!"

I ran at the two men and dropped to the floor sliding across the smooth surface and successfully knocked one of the men flat onto the ground with a satisfying thud. But as I turned, the other man punched me square in the face, causing stars to dance in front of my eyes and for me to stumble backwards also giving the other man time to pick himself up. He charged at me, eyes blazing and aimed a fist at my stomach but I grabbed his fist with both of my hands- the force of his punch straining the muscles in my arms- and I twisted downwards with as much force as I could muster. As his arm came down, his torso and face followed and I slammed my knee upwards into his nose with a satisfying crunch. He howled with pain and staggered backwards, clutching his nose which was now streaked with crimson blood. Smiling, I turned to the other man, ran forward and jumped onto my hands, propelling my body forward and aiming a well calculated kick into his jaw which sent him spinning backwards. 

Ha maybe I am a natural!

But mid thought I felt two rough hands clamp down on both of my arms, gripping me like a vice- and the dank smell of blood informed me that it was the man who's nose I'd broken. With great strength he lifted me up and try as I might I couldn't escape from his grip. Panic began to rise inside my chest as he carried me to the the balcony over looking the lower floor. He was going to throw me over.

I thrashed wildly, lashing my legs out as hard as I could but to no avail. He held me over the edge of the balcony and let go. I tried to grab the sleeve of his black coat and pull him with me but my fingers couldn't grasp it. However, I grabbed the next best thing- the fingers of my left hand managed to find purchase on the very edge of the ledge, between the slits in the metal railings. Relieved, I started to pull up my right hand to the ledge when I felt a sharp agonising pain in my left hand and I looked up to see the man towering over me with a wicked grin. His dark hair clung to his face from the sweat and blood that coated it. His mouth was twisted into a manic grin as he pressed his foot harder into my fingers, causing me to grit my teeth as the pain radiated down my arm. I was determined but I knew I was in the weaker position. I held on for as long as possible but the pain became unbearable as I heard my bones start to crack and break under the pressure. I screamed and let go.

I was falling, falling, falling and then suddenly the breath left me, my whole body went warm and the world went black.

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