Mr. Handsome

Harry Styles has been crowned Mr. Handsome for the past three years and now that he is a senior he has been dared to find Miss Beautiful for the school in the nerdy section of the school.
Read to find out what happens :)


1. Harry

Mr. Handsome, Harry Styles, was the king of Wilson High School. He ran everything and every girl wanted to be his girlfriend. Everyone wanted to be Harry’s friend since he became the first freshman to win Mr. Handsome four years ago.

It was the first day of Harry’s senior year and he sat in study hall with his four best friends.

Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Niall had been Harry’s best friends since grade one. They were all on top of the social totem pole in Wilson High.

The boys were questioning the recent break up of him and the school’s most popular girl Kendall.

“Yeah it’s whatever. We weren’t meant to be. I can get any girl in school. Kendall was too much of a bitch,” Harry said to all the guys.

“I doubt it Harry,” Zayn pushed him.

“You guys let’s not mess with Mr. Handsome,” Louis said with sarcasm from the corner of the room.

“Well what is Mr. Handsome going to do now that he no longer has Miss Beautiful?” Niall asked.

“We are going to find him a new Miss Beautiful Niall!” Liam yelled. “The only thing is Miss Beautiful isn’t going to be beautiful at all.”

Everyone in the room looked over at Liam.

“What do you mean?” Harry asked.

“Well Mr. Handsome, I am going to dare you to turn the least popular girl in school into Miss Beautiful. Do you think you can do it?” Liam asked.

“Hell yeah I can. Any girl that is on my arm will be popular,” Harry said as Zayn gave him a high five.

“Who’s the girl?” Louis asked Liam.

“I haven’t quite decided. But Tommo, let’s go scouting. We’ll see you at lunch Harry with the girl you have to get to like you and become Miss Beautiful.”

Liam and Louis ran out of the room laughing leaving behind Niall, Zayn and of course Harry. Harry shook his head flipping open his book and reading the chapter from his assigned reading for English class.

After the hour spent in study hall the three boys gathered up their books and headed toward the cafeteria where they were excited to see what girl Liam and Louis had picked out for Harry.

Harry jumped in front of a few kids in the line for food.

“Oh hello Barbara,” he smiled at the lunch lady. “Do you think that I could get an extra slice of pizza?” he winked at the middle aged woman who blushed and nodded, unable to speak.

Harry walked away from the line to his usual table. As he approached he noticed two freshmen sitting there.

“Hey guys,” he said sitting next to one with an oversized jacket on. “Names?”

“Sorry Harry,” the other one said. “We didn’t realize this was your table.”

“Na, it’s cool man. What’s your names?”

“Dylan,” the one sitting across from Harry answered.

“And you little man?” he asked knocking him gently with his shoulder.

“Like Dylan said we are leaving,” he picked up his books and stalked off to another table.

Harry bit into an apple and shrugged.

“Sorry Harry,” Dylan whimpered. “I’ll see you later.”

“Bye!” Harry called with a mouth full of apple. “Weird kids.”

Niall and Zayn walked up to the table next sitting across from Harry.

“Eh, who were the kids?” Zayn asked.

“Freshmen. They didn’t’ want to sit with us. Oh well. Niall, why don’t you just ask them to save you a whole pizza for yourself?” Harry asked looking at Niall’s overflowing tray.

Niall had four pieces of pizza, two apples, a side salad, three pudding cups, and two bags of chips. Along with two bottles of Coke he stole from the professor’s vending machine.

Niall only shrugged as he began eating. Louis and Liam popped up sitting on both sides of Harry.

“So we found the perfect girl for you Harry!” Louis squealed! “You are going to love her.”

“I told you guys this is a silly bet. I’m going to win.”

“Well, let’s up the ante then Styles. If this girl does not win Miss Beautiful then we trade cars,” Liam smirked.

“No way in hell man! I am not giving up my Mustang for your piece of shit Altima. Hell no!” Harry yelled.

“I thought you could make any girl Miss Beautiful? Guess you aren’t as popular as you would like to believe then,” Liam laughed.

“I’ll bet money but not my car. $1000? Sound fair?” Harry put on his poker face against Liam.

“Alright Styles. $1000 to the winner,” Liam held out his hand for them to shake on it.

“Now who is the girl?” Harry asked.

Louis started laughing because he knew this would be a pretty difficult task for Harry to complete. Liam and Louis didn’t just pick an unpopular girl but a girl that nobody really realized went to their school of 2500.

“Zoella Sweets,” Liam smiled.

“Who is that? I know everyone, at least by face,” Harry looked at the two of them like they were playing a joke.

“Go to the girls’ wash room in the science wing. That’s where she eats lunch,” Liam smiled.

“You just made up a girl didn’t you?” Harry smirked taking another bite of his apple. “Who is the real girl?”

“Yeah we were joking about her. Good to know but for real the girl you have to make Miss Beautiful is Lily Mincy,” Liam pointed to the girl sitting in the corner of the cafeteria by herself.

Lily was wearing a shirt two sizes too big, overalls covered in paint and oil, and glasses too big for her face. She was reading a Superman comic book and just as all the boys looked over at her, Harry’s ex Kendall and her twin Kylie walked over to her.

“Oh shit,” Harry said underneath his breathe. He knew that Kendall and Kylie would never associate with a girl like Lily so something bad was bound to happen.

None of the boys could hear what the twins were saying but they saw it when it happened. Kendall had a bottle of vodka in her pocket that she had poured red color into.

Kendall smirked as she stood up pouring the liquid all over Lily’s head.

“Get the hell outta our school!” the twins yelled in unison.

“You are wasting valuable yearbook space,” Kylie smirked.

“This is your last warning freak!” Kendall said as she turned on her high heel.

Harry stood up and started walking over there.

“This should be good,” Zayn said nodding toward the situation that was about to arise.

“Kendall what the hell?” Harry asked.

Even though Harry was popular that didn't mean he enjoyed stepping all over people. Kendall had gone too far this time and it wasn't just because he had to make this girl Miss Beautiful either. Bullying was just wrong in Harry Styles' book. 

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