My angel

a girl named Avery is very depressed and suicidal, its a new day at her high school but theres a new boy, beau what happens between them youll have to red about ;)


3. chapter two


(skip to later that night)


I was wearing a short sleeve shirt with shorts. Which is rare because of all my old and newly fresh cuts I have on my arms and legs. I was sketching a picture for my art class when I heard something loud hit my window. I ran over a peered out…it was beau. He was in my yard. I opened the window and he climbed in


“how did you get my address and why are you here?”

“I was worried about you and I got it from Chris”


he was looking around. And I went to sit on my bed. He came to sit next to me when he saw my cuts/scars.


“Do you-“

I cut him off

“yes I did/do cut myself”


he took my arm and rubbed the old ones with his thumb. He just stared for a while.


“why do you do it?”

“because everyone bullies me and it got to the point where I just cant take it”

“but- your pretty and these scars…they aren’t they ruined your perfect body”

“my body was never perfect I’m not perfect and I never will be”


he kind of just stared at my arms and legs for a little while. It was silent.


“doesn’t it hurt?”

“that’s the point… im taking the pain from the inside and releasing it on the outside”

“can you please stop for me?”

“beau I tried so many times to just STOP but its extremely hard when all you keep getting is bullied and talked about it hurts inside!”


he looked like he was about to cry. He looked me in the eyes.


“well try little by little to try and stop please, I like you and I don’t want anything happening to you.”


I hugged him tight


“thank you, nobody else cared not even my mom”


he was leaning in closer to my head when I heard my mom stomping up the steps. I hurriedly got up and pushed beau towards the window so he could climb out. Right after he climbed out my mom came in


“what are you doing Avery?” I could tell she was drunk she was slurring her words.

“oh I was just shutting my window I’m really cold”

“ oh ok well I’m going out ill probably stay out for awhile soo if I’m not home tomorrow don’t be worried”


she slammed my door then left. I climbed in bed and went to sleep. 

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