My angel

a girl named Avery is very depressed and suicidal, its a new day at her high school but theres a new boy, beau what happens between them youll have to red about ;)


7. chapter six


**** caution dirty and friend wrote it******

 we continued to work on the sketch for the volcano we were going to build.


he leaned over and whispered

“im a bad boy and I need a spanking but not  on my ass”

“oh where” I asked seductively

“you know exactly where baby make me moan ur name”


I raised my hand and asked the teacher to go to the bathroom and five minutes  later beau showed up. I was walking out the bathroom when he pushed me back in

“its nice to see that u’ve waited for me”

he said taking off his pants

“I’ve been wanting you since you first came to the school so let me ride u baby and make u feel my juices or until i break you”

he smiled at me tackling me to the ground tearing off every piece of clothing I had on, kissing down my body making me moan


“that’s right moan my name baby moan”

he got to a part that I never knew could feel this good. He turned to his book bag and pulled out a bottle of water untwisting the cap. He spread my legs wide and poured the water in a certain hole then sucking  it out.

“yum you taste good I need to drink this more often”

I flipped us over and laid on top of him giving him such pleasure he pushed my head further down on him causing me to gag he cummed and it tasted so DELICIOUS I never knew something could taste this good. when we were about to continue jade burst through the door.


she screamed running out the bathroom but failing badly when she ran into the door.

“ j-jade im…sorry”

I said trying to swallow.

“no no avery its ok just ugh be ugh careful… umm LOCK THE DOOR”

she ran out and beau jumped up locking the bathroom door.

“you ready for the time of your life?...I’m gonna make you feel like ur on a roller coaster that has a bunch of hard on dips and tips” he said very seductively turning me on

the bell rung and we quickly put our clothes back on
“ its ok we still have tonight after school”


***again sorry if you think this is inappropriate my friend wrote it and i thought it was funny***

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