My angel

a girl named Avery is very depressed and suicidal, its a new day at her high school but theres a new boy, beau what happens between them youll have to red about ;)


2. chapter one


Hi, my name is Avery. I’m 15 years old and I’m a single child. My father is in jail and my mom is addicted to drugs. Not one type of drug either… she’ll try anything. One time I seen her doing a drug I didn’t even know about. She does molly’s cokecain, speed, LSD and many, many more. I get bullied for my mother being a drug addict and my dad being in jail. When I was in 7th grade I died my hair fully black, changed my style, and drifted away from my friends. I have nobody to hang out with anymore and that’s another reason I’m bullied. Right now I’m in front of my high school afraid to go inside but knowing I have to anyway

    I walked into the corridor,


   “ Hey dirtball!” screamed one of the “popular” girls in my school Chris, she use to be a good friend of mine but like I said we drifted apart.


“ Cat got your tongue?”

“ Please leave me alone” she got up in my face

“ Make me!”

I just stood there frozen until I heard an unfamiliar voice

“Leave her alone Chris”

She turned around and seen a new kid who must’ve came yesterday or the day before when I wasn’t here.


“Um beau why are you sticking up for that pig”

“Shut up Chris!” he snapped


He walked over to me


“What’s your name?”

“A-Avery” I was so surprised someone actually cared about me and my feelings I couldn’t help but smile. Chris gasped and stormed off. I think this school year might be a little better then last.



“Well my names beau and I would like to have lunch with you how do you feel about that?”

his light turquoise eyes stared into mine. I could feel my face getting red.


“Y-yeah I’d like that” 



(Skip to lunch)

I walked over to my usual table. It’s in the way back of the lunchroom and it’s a tiny round table. I sat there by myself all the time because no one liked me enough to sit with me. I got distracted by a big piece of crumbled paper thrown at me. It read


    ‘Avery aka slutty skank nobody likes you why don’t you just never come back to school we ALL hate you’

                                                                              _Chris and all

I crumbled up the paper and ran out of the lunchroom crying. I ran into the bathroom to see yet another person I didn’t know. She was applying mascara and turned to look at me


“Hey I’m jade what’s your name”

“I’m Avery” I sniffled

“Oh what’s wrong you sound sad?”


I just looked at her and couldn’t believe she was talking to me. Didn’t Chris already tell her not too?


“Chris threw this paper at me and I just can’t take it anymore”

I gave her the piece of paper and she read it.


“Why does she do that to you? That’s so mean! You don’t deserve to be treated like that!” she grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the lunchroom.

“Where do you sit”?

I pointed in the direction and she pulled me over there. We sat down and we talked about when my bullying started when I felt a hand touch my shoulder and I jumped. I turned around and it was beau.


“Where were you I was looking for you?”

“Oh I was here and I didn’t see you then Chris wrote me a letter and I got upset and went to the bathroom then I found jade.”

“Oh ok”

He sat down net to me and jade smiled. That smiles suddenly faded when Chris walked over.


“ um beau, jade why are you hanging out with avery? Why don’t you come sit with me, the cheerleaders, and the football players?”

“because we don’t like you!” jade snapped.

“you don’t like me? ME? But your hanging out with this ugly bitch wow you definitely have NO taste in friends….she’s just going to push you away like she does everyone! Chris screamed

 whole lunch room started roaring


“get em’ Chris, teach that slut a lesson” one person yelled another person said yeah go “Chris tell that dirtball off.”

I couldn’t take it anymore I slowly got up to run out of the lunch room when beau grabbed my arm.


“don’t listen to them there wrong, there jerks!”

I looked at him with tears in my eyes. I pulled away and ran. I ran to my locker and started throwing everything in my locker in my bag. I went to leave the school when beau and jade grabbed me.


“what are you doing? Where are you going?” jade asked with a concern voice.

“im leaving nobody cares anyway so why does it matter?”

“we care!, we care a lot about you. Were your friends we want to help” said beau.

“im going home I cant be here anymore!” I said with tears threatening to pour out.

“were coming with you! We want to help you!” jade snapped. I pulled away and left. I went home even thou it probably wouldn’t be any better there either....

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