My angel

a girl named Avery is very depressed and suicidal, its a new day at her high school but theres a new boy, beau what happens between them youll have to red about ;)


5. chapter four


(skip to lunch)

jade was cracking up when Beau was telling her everything he said to Chris


“you sure taught her a lesson”

“well she deserved it! She cant bad mouth the prettiest girl ever!”


I blushed and jade looked at him.


“oh my gosh! Are you too-“

I cut her off

“no” I said with a sigh.

“ oh Avery want to start our project tonight?” Said Beau

“um yeah how about my place after school?”

“sure…am I going to have to climb through your window thou?” he laughed


we all laughed then the bell rung


“wow a whole lunch period without any of Chris’s drama I’m surprised”

“she’s not here” said jade

“where is she? I was very curious.

“oh she’s with the principal she got caught bullying a freshman”


I laughed and me and beau walked to our next class.


(skip to at home)


“I like your house” he said with a smile

“really I thinks its crap!”


I laughed and walked to the kitchen. I didn’t really eat much so I grabbed a water bottle. I walked back out into the living room and he wasn’t there.


“beaauuu? I said slowly.

“BOO” he jumped out of the closet and I fell to the floor.


“I’m sorry” he said and gave me the puppy dog look.


I heard a knock at the door to see a kid that goes to my school


“hey roger, what’s up?”

“is your mom here?”

“umm noo why?”

“tell her to call me immediately!”
“umm ok?”

with that he walked away. I pulled out my phone and called that she demon.


“hey mom roger stopped by and told me to tell u to call him immediately! What was that about?”

“none of your business little girl! Ill call him in a minute I’m doing something”

“no it IS my business when it involves a friend from school”


and with that she hung up. She got me so mad at times. I walked back out into the living room and seen beau working on the sketch for the project.


“hey we need to go buy the materials before we even think about building it” I giggled

“oh ok lets go then”


he grabbed my hand and we went to the store.

***authors note***

sorry this was a sucky chapter, :/ im going to be putting two chapters up today because i probably wont be able to update tomorrow so the chapter for tomorrow will be up today hope you like it :*

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