My angel

a girl named Avery is very depressed and suicidal, its a new day at her high school but theres a new boy, beau what happens between them youll have to red about ;)


9. chapter eight

 "i could never be what you want me to, you pull me under just to save yourself"

"sure" i giggled and blushed a little. 

we sat and watched movies mainly all night. around 11:30 he picked me up in wedding style and carried me to his room. he placed me on the bed. he sat on me and started kissing my neck. at first i just wasnt ready for anything again, Buuuuttt hes so HOT and just mmmm. but then chris's words ran through my head again. i pushed him off of me and ran to the bathroom. i threw up everything his mom made for dinner. my stomach felt less bloated. i felt a tiny bit better about my appearance. Beau came running to the bathroom. 

"hey you ok?"

"yeah i just got sick, do you have mouthwash" i giigled knowing my breath probably smelt horrible. 

"yeah one second" 

he pulled out a big bottle of mouth wash and a tiny dixie cup. 

"here" he smiled.

i rinsed out my mouth and walked back to his room. i sat on the bed and he sat next to me. he first placed his hand on my thigh just to stop me from shaking, then he started rubbing my leg, then he traveled up to my stomach, he pulled himself up and hovered over me. he started kissing my neck. 

"beau, not right now"

he just laid back down and held my hand. i got up and walked over to the gigantic mirror he had on his wall. i pulled my shirt up and looked at my stomach. 

"what are you doing" he looked at me curiously 

"am i fat?"

"what? no not at all!" 

"i think your just telling me that so you wont hurt my feelings"

"i wouldnt lie to you, and if you were any skinnier id be afraid to touch you because you would be so fragile."

i smiled a fake smile. hes lying. i know it. im gonna start dance again, and maybe another sport. itll help me lose weight and i wont have to go home as often. i pulled my shirt down and went and laid next to beau again.    

goodnight myself, i hate you! 

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