The Best Of Shego

Sooooo, this is basically a list of our favorite Shego quotes. Enjoy!


5. 5

Drakken: "Hello, Kim Possible! Perhaps you recognize the nemesis you left to rot in prison? Dr. Drakken? Cell Block D? Home of the annoying cell mates!"

Shego: [from off screen] "Digressing!"

Drakken: "Shut it, Shego! You're here merely to witness and weep!"

Shego: [to Warmonga] "Ugggh! What? You mean you aren't going to interrupt?"

Warmonga: "We do not interrupt the Great Blue!"

Shego: "Sure we do! We're the evil sidekick! We're all about the interrupting!" [loudly, to Drakken] "Isn't that right, Dr. D?"

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