The Best Of Shego

Sooooo, this is basically a list of our favorite Shego quotes. Enjoy!


2. 2

Shego: "Oh come on! Why do you want to join some super dorky club?"

Dakken: "To prove that I am brillianter than the lot of them!"

Shego: "Brillianter?"

Drakken: "I'm a scientific genius, not an englist!"

Shego: "Linguist..."

Drakken: "Stop that. We need to invent something so brilliant, so irrefutably mind boglingly wowful(!).."

Shego: "So close…"

Drakken: "…..that no one will be able to deny me my place at the head of the genius table!"

Shego: "If you sit at the doofus table you'd have a lock!"

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