When the Stars Shine

star is seventeen and is beaten by her so-called "father". she was adopted at the age of two. she was put up for adoption when her parents died in a car accident. what happens when she gets away and is found by the one and only, Harry Styles?


2. The Great Escape

Star's P.O.V: 

When I got to school this morning my best friend, Lexa, met me at the gates.

"OMG! Star, what happened?!" she said refering to my black eye.

I haven't told anyone about what my "father" does to me, so I had to fake it.

"I slipped in the bathroom last night and smacked my face on the sink." I said slyly.

"Well, you should be more careful!" she laughed.

~~~skip to third period~~~

"Excuse me, Mrs. Mayes?"

She looked up from her stack of papers and said, "Yes, Star?"

"May I go to the restroom?"

"Yes, hurry and take the pass." she said returning to her papers.

I went to my locker and retrieved the bag I made up last night, laid the pass on one of the bathroom sinks, then quietly walked down the hall to the exit and left.

Lexa's P.O.V:

When the bell rang signalling lunch, i went straight to Star's locker to walk with her to lunch. When she didn't come to her locker, I got worried. She always goes to her locker, so I went to her third peroid teacher and asked if she attended that class.

"Yes, she did. But she asked to go to the restroom and didn't come back."



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