The Harry Games

River Song is just a normal teenage girl moving to a new city. When she runs into someone familiar. Harry needs to find a girl in 2 weeks to fall in love with him. But will he succeed before time runs out?


1. Big News

Hey I'm River Song! I used to live in Texas, but news flash! Moving to LONDON! I'm on the airplane right this very second! Isn't that crazy? I'm really excited, yet freaked out. I'm 18 in 2 months so I can drive, and I'm going everywhere,  walking or driving, but I'm gonna see everything. I'm finally off the plane and have just enough time to grab my stuff before my best friend yells my name. It's Alice! Oh my gosh! She moved here a year ago, and since I'm just out of high school, she asked if I wanted to live with her. Of course I said yes since I'm here in London. We get to her house and put everything up and plop down on the floor and eat some food. Finally I go to my room and fall asleep.



 It's a nice day so I decide to let the lads sleep and go for a walk on the streets of London. I put on shades and a beanie to cover my curls. I open the front door of the some-what large house, and step out into the sunlight. It's quite unusual to see the sun, it's usually pretty dreary here. Always cloudy and rainy, which gave me an even better reason to go out for a walk. I sipped the coffee I had taken with me, and with my other hand in my pocket I started walking down the sidewalk.

 My phone buzzed, signalling that a call was coming through. I took out my phone, it was Paul.

 Me: Hey Paul! What's shakin'?

 Paul: Nothin' much buttercup! Hey come buy the office, emergency meeting. 

 Me: Is it mandatory? Cause I am outside, it's so pretty!

 Paul: Ok Dorothy, calm down. Yes it's mandatory! Come now!

 Me: Fine. I'll see y'all soon, dream crushers.

 And with that, he hung up. I started walking towards the office. When I got there, they opened the door before I even got a chance to knock.

 "Hello Harry! We have some news for you..." Simon said.

 "Is it about how wonderful it is to see me? Because that would be the only thing to cheer me up at the moment." I asked with a slight smirk showing on my face.

 "Anyway, let's get down to business. So, Harry, this Saturday, you will be watching a new TV show." Simon instructed me.

 "Ok... how is this big news?" I asked, clearly confused.

 "On this show, you are the prize." 

 "What the heck? I'm not a prize!" I screamed at him.

 "Let me finish." he said. I sloped in my chair and crossed my arms, and started chewing on the inside of my cheek.

 "You are the only member of One Direction that is not dating. The paps are starting to think that there is something wrong with you...uhhh..." he said.

 "Something wrong with me? Simon why don't you tell me, huh? Tell me what's wrong with me? What's wrong with me Paul?" I screamed at the two of them.

 "Harry, calm down! They just think that you are rude to girls, like you are tired of the spotlight. You are tired of being in the band." Simon murmurred the last part.

 "Oh my gosh. That is the last thing I want to do. I don't want to quit the band!" I said back.

 "I know. That's why we are doing this. In this show, every girl 16 to 25 will competing. They have no choice. This is a reality show, whoever wins, will date you. You will be happy, because we have some special things set aside to make the relationship last long, and for you guys to be very happy. Harry we don't know what else to do, but we think this will be fun for the ladies and you as well." 

 "Okay. When do I start?" 



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