Nothing can be hidden for long

You're told to be unique, to be yourself and embrace who you are...
But what if you're told to hide who you are because you're in danger? Because if people found out what you really were, they'd kill you?
Well, now you'll know what it's like.


1. Prologue

The flames roared higher; licking at her skin; crawling up her arms and torso; threatening to engulf her in a burning inferno of angry reds and oranges. 

There was no way out. No hope. No escape.

She was going to die.

This was not what she wanted, this was not what she had expected- she always thought she'd live normally, have a family and then grow old and die peacefully... not like this.

"Scum, you deserve to die. Good riddance is what I say," she heard one of the guards who'd captured her laugh to himself as he walked away and left her. 

How does he sleep at night knowing that he sentences people to death? How can he walk away from a 16 year old girl burning to death?

Something in that thought angered her: she closed her eyes and began to breathe heavily through her nose- in and out, in and out- and then she felt that power. That power that was wrapped up as a blessing and a curse all in one. Her parents would not let her die like this, she could survive, she would survive and she'd make them pay for what they did.

She opened her eyes and said "My name is Sapphire and you cannot hide me, you cannot kill me and you cannot stop me."


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