Shego: A Collection of Shego One-Shots

Shego is having trouble sticking with the whole "good guy" thing. Of course, is it ever easy to stay reformed... but what's killing her is, Dr. D is doing better than her. {Takes place about a year after Graduation Pt 2, contains Kim X Ron and Drakken X Shego. My first KP fanfiction so no hate please. All one-shots}


2. Story Two: Sheila Goodman

"Doctor D?" Shego called, closing the ridiculously oversized metal door to the lair behind her. They had relocated . . . but Dr. D was still a nut for security and anything evil-looking, even after he'd reformed.

Shego looked around the cavern quickly, and when she didn't see her boss she just assumed he wasn't home. Wonder what he's doing this time. Drakken had, surprisingly, been doing better than Shego in being good, even though he'd been a villain for a longer time than she had. Needless to say, this bothered her quite a bit.

She sighed and just entered the cavern, pulling out her nail file and disinterestedly going at the fine points on her gloves. As she passed one of the planning tables, her heart almost stopped when she recognized the handwriting and the name on the envelope.

Sheila Goodman. In Hego's handwriting.

Oh, no. For some reason, Shego found herself hoping that Dr. D hadn't really read who it was adressed to. She didn't know what she'd do if anyone found out that her birth name was Sheila Goodman, of all the stupid names to have.

That brat just wants to ruin my life, doesn't he? she fumed in her thoughts, angrily ripping open the envelope and pulling out a messily written letter.

Dear Shego,
I see you've finally decided to return to the good side! I knew you'd come around eventually. Good to know that you've actually got some sense left in you.

Shego had to force herself to continue reading instead of just heading right to Go City to rip her older brother's head off.

Mego and the Wegoes and I are hoping you'll return to Go City to rejoin Team Go. See you later.

She never regretted anything more than deciding to reform. If it had alerted Team Go to her location, then nothing good could come out of it.

In a burst of uncontrollable anger, she burned up the letter and envelope in her hand before blasting a wall. She was heavily tempted to go rob a bank or something for stress relief, but she resisted. If Dr. D can do it, so can you.

At least, that was what she told herself.

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