1. The mysterious boy

"Tori, are you ready? We are going to be late", "yes mum, I'm coming now" I shouted back, grabbing my black clutch bag off of my dresser and running down the stairs with my heels in one hand and my bag in the other. As I got to the bottom of the stairs I slid my heels on to my feet, fumbling with the buckle around my ankle "for god sake tori, hurry up" my mum said to me in a harsh tone. I could tell that she was starting to get frustrated at me so I just fumbled a bit more with the buckles and ran out of the door, and locked it behind me. My mum already had the car out on the rode honking the horn angrily attracting attention from unwanted nosey neighbours. I hurried to get into the car as I was so embarrassed by all the dodgy looks I was getting from people all along my street. As I got into the cat my mum pulled away so fast, pushing my head back onto the head rest. "Jesus Christ mum, what is your problem?" , "Tori Rose Hunt, how dare you talk to me like that" she slammed her hand on the steering wheel in anger, "why are we even going to dad's wedding anyway, isn't it weird for you to go to your ex husbands wedding?" I said under my breath. "It isn't weird at all, me and your dad are friends now, we have no more feelings for each other apart from in a friendly way", " I s'pose" I couldn't be bothered to answer back to my mum. 

I wasn't too enthusiastic about going to go to my dad's wedding as I did not like my soon to be step mum 'Catherine', the thought of her actually being part of the 'Hunt' family sent shivers down my spine. I was only attending the wedding for my dad and my dad only and I made that pretty clear when I was invited to the wedding. 

" Tori, I have some very important news to tell you ..."
" Let me guess, Catherine and I are getting married because we love each other so much and all the lovey dovey stuff like that. Or you are having a baby because that would be great and everyone would be so happy for you." I rudely blurted to my dad as his face dropped from excited to disappointed.
" The first one Tori, we are getting married "
" Im so happy for you " I said rolling my eyes.
" I know that you are not too fond of Catherine but you haven't given her a chance, I know you will probably say no but I want you to think about this, Cath wants you to be bridesmaid, will you? 
" Definitely not, can you take me home now? I'm tired" 
My dads face was completely ridden in disappointment now. He knew that I disliked Catherine with a passion and that I would never be happy for them if they got married and he definitely known that I would most certainly not be a bridesmaid. 
"Yes Tori I will take you home now, but you will come to the wedding won't you?"
" I s'pose but for your sake only"


It was about a half hour drive to get to my dad's wedding venue  'The Manor House', of course Catherine would have chosen the most extravagant wedding venue and the most expensive but it was beautiful. As my mum drove into the make-do car park which was a stretch of tatted old brown grass, I couldn't take my eyes off the most beautiful piece of architecture I had ever seen. It's grey, rain battered bricks stood high, towering over beautiful green gardens. Along the front of the house, clinging on for its dear life were layers of ivy making the manor house look like something fresh out of a fairy tale. There were a few hurrying people of which I recognised scattering into the entrance of the house making me panic that we were late. "Mum everyone is already in there, we're going to miss the start" I shouted to my mum in a panic. My mum and I hurried over to the entrance, we were guided into a large hall where hundreds of people sat, all silent, waiting for the service to start. Of course bot me and my my mum had high heels on making a rather large noise walking to our reserved seats two rows from the front. My face turned bright red with embarrassment causing me to look like a freshly picked tomato. After our walk of shame to the front of the hall I took my seat. As I sat down, I looked to the corner of the hall where a window lay, carefully decorated in tiny pink flowers, trying to not look at all the familiar faces that were looking at me. My eyes dropped from the beautifully decorated window to a boy sat in the corner, he looked interesting, I did not recognise him unlike most of the people there, he had dark curly hair, ruffled and styled perfectly. I caught myself staring at him for longer than I should have, thats when everyone stood for the bride, leaving me sat down like a fool. I stood up quickly, too quickly, my legs pushed against the wooden chair that was back heavy. My worst nightmare, the chair tipped over causing a ridiculously loud noise as it hit the tiled floor. Once again my face turned into a tomato as I bent down to pick up the chair. I was faced by more than a few sturn faces from people that weren't all that fond off me. It was so hard to pick up the chair in a dress as I had to bend down, I had already caused a scene, I most certainly did not want my knickers to make an appearance too. I managed to get the chair back to its original position just in time for Catherine the 'bride' walking down the isle giving me a dirty look before finding her place at the alter. Catherine looked ridiculous, she had a massive white, puffy wedding dress causing her to look like an overly large marshmallow, the dress practically swallowed my dad as she stood next to him. I was about to giggle at her dress so I had to look away, I found myself staring and the dark haired mystery boy again. I tried to look away as the boy turned his head to look at me but I couldn't, he was beautiful. He revealed his perfectly positioned facial features, lips plump, perfect shaped nose and amazing emerald green orbs starring right at me making me want to faint. He smiled at me, dimples popping in his face then turned his head back to the front after winking at me. I had never seen a boy so beautiful in my life.

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