2. The aftermath

The wedding was over and everyone began to pick up their bags to walk out of the ginormous hall, just as I was picking my clutch bag off the floor my mum grabbed my wrist in attempt to get my attention. It worked. "Tori, do you remember Des, dad's friend from London?" I had to think about it but then I remembered playing with his son when I was little. "Ah yes I remember" I replied a bit louder that I wanted it to be, causing people to look at me. "That's him over there" she pointed across the hall to a man stood talking to the person who was sat next to him. He looked around 50 years old, gray hair with a hint of silver, and a bear belly too. "Oh my gosh, I would have never of recognised him, he looks so ... Old!" My mum giggled at my description of my dad's old friend. Her finger pointed again this time at the dark haired boy "and that's his son." My jaw dropped, all throughout the service I was starring at this beautiful boy that I had actually spent hours upon hours playing with when I was a toddler. Suddenly the name Harry popped into my head, Harry Styles, I remembered. I contained myself enough to answer my mum. "Harry isn't it?" My mum smiled "yes, you two used to play when you were little" I replied with a nod and a smile. Harry never used to have curly hair, it was straight like his mothers, I could remember the name Anne. Anne and my mum used to go for lunch with each other and bring me and harry along to play with toys. All the memories from a London came rushing into my head, slightly overwhelming me.

I was born in London, in a lovely house, to a lovely family. I had no brothers or sisters so it was just me, my mum and my dad. On the street that we lived, we had mostly horrible neighbours apart from next door. Next door lived Anne, Des and their son Harry who was born a year before me. One day as my dad was walking along the street, a car came from around the corner and lost control, the car hit my dad. Des saw the accident and came rushing to my dad's side to help him, comfort him and do anything he could waiting for the ambulance to come, the ambulance came and took my dad to hospital but Des stayed with him as me and my mum were not home, my mum had taken me to see my grandma. When my dad was at hospital, the doctors realised that my dad had suffered severe back injuries, including a spinal fracture. The injuries would get better in time but the fact that Des stayed by my dad's side the whole time made my whole family grateful. Des would come round and visit my dad everyday, sometime bringing his wife and Harry. Both of our families became good friends and everything was going so well, we were all so happy. All good things came to an end when my mum and dad started fighting causing the family to split in two. My mum and dad got a divorce when I was four and my dad needed to move to Bristol for business reasons. My mum agreed to move too as she wanted me to still see my dad and I still wanted to see him too. Des and Anne were torn when they heard the news but helped us get everything ready to move. We said our goodbyes and moved to Bristol. We didn't hear anything from them, I didn't know what happened, if they fallen out with my mum and dad or what, all I knew is that they were still living in London. I had forgotten about them until this day.

I continued to pick up my clutch bag and walked out of the hall into the lush gardens. Outside were my dad and Catherine in front of a rather creep looking photographer taking loads of snaps of them. My dad saw me walk out of the entrance and called me over to where he was stood. "Tori, I'm glad you came, did you enjoy the service?" I didn't want to ruin my dad's 'big day' so I went along with it. "Yes dad, it was lovely" I glanced over at Catherine and gave her a false smile. "Now, stand in front of me and Cath, we need a family photo on our wedding day" my dad's words sent a shiver down my spine. It was really hard to say yes but I forced myself to be nice, just for one day. My dad put his hand on my shoulder as I put on a false smile for the camera, then the photographer said those dreaded words "could you put your hand on her shoulder too bride?" I tried to not say anything but as she was living her hand I blurted "no definitely not". If she had put her hand on me, I would have never been able to keep the fake smile on my face. The photographer looked shocked but continued to take photos just as we were. When the photographer was done taking photos I returned to my mum who was talking to a Man that I vaguely recognised. As I walked over, I heard my mum say "speaking of the devil" the mam gave me a huge friendly grin. "Hello there Tori, remember me John, you've grown into a woman since I lat saw you" I cringed at his words but he was friendly enough. Me and mum stood talking to John for a while until the photographer shouted "group photo everyone" in a harsh tone. All the guests had to make a semi circle around the bride and groom, I made sure I stood at the very back so I would not have to stand anywhere near Catherine. My dad whispered something to the photographer and returned back to his position. "Girl in the blue dress, come neared the front please" my face dropped when the creepy photographer walked up to me grabbed my hand and pulled me to stand directly behind my dad and the bride. "Rude" I said under my breath as he walked away to take the picture. My dad turned round and smiled at me, I fave him a blank stare back. I turned my head to the side slightly to look at the river that was running down the gardens when I noticed there was a dark curly haired boy stood next to me. I didn't know what to say, I wanted to compliment his appearance but that would be awkward. I realised I only had about a minute until the photographer had finished adjusting people and his camera, that was too long to stay in silence. "Hey, it's Harry isn't it?" The boy looked shocked that I spoke to him, "yes" he replied "it's Tori isn't it?" I couldn't help but giggle out of embarrassment "yeah, so you remember me?" I asked in hope. "Yeah, course I do, we used to play together all the time when we were little. I had a job recognising you though, you sure have got a lot sexier" Harry replied with a wink. I didn't know what to say and I sure wasn't expecting him to talk to me like that. Just in time the photographer shouted "say cheese."  

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