4. Tears

"Tori, my dear" a middle aged man with grey hair approached me. It was Des, Harry's dad. "You've grown so much, it's nice to see you again" he had a huge smile on his face. His smile was infectious. "Des, isn't it? It's so good to see you again" Des was so nice and proper, I was surprised that his offspring was standing by the doorway with a cigarette in his hand. " I'm surprised you remember me Tori, you were five the last time I saw you." The more he spoke the more I remembered him and how nice he was. "Of course I remember you" we chatted for about ten minutes until we had run out things to say. This made me take my mind of my moment with Harry but it was still floating around in my head. I was still stood in the corner of the village hall and hadn't really looked at my surroundings. Inside the large space it was completely different from the outside, there were glass windows all along the side giving the view of a beautiful lake, tables were decorated with millions of flowers and the whole space was covered in fairy lights giving the illusion of stars. Although I did not like Catherine, her choice in venues were amazing. All the tables were round, apart from the tables at the front where the bride and groom sat there were names on the tables indication where we should all sit, my legs were getting tired from standing in heels so I decided to find my seat. I walked around about twenty tables trying to find my name, I was hoping the table with my name on it would be near the back but it wasn't, it was the closest to the bride and groom. There was nobody on my table when I first sat down, just be sat by myself, looking like a loner. My eyes glanced over to the door when my mum walked in, I looked back to the front but my head turned again when a mop of dark curly hair was behind her. Shit. My mum had been talking to Harry, that's why she wasn't coming inside, she was with Harry. It horrified me even more as Harry started to follow my mum to the table I was sat. Please don't be sat on my table, I thought to myself, that'll definitely make things awkward. To my delight Harry sat down on the seat opposite me on the table, he didn't look at me, he sat down and started to pick at his fingernails. "Harry, this is Tori my daughter, you two used to play together, can you remember her?" My mum blabbered. Could this get any worse? Harry continued to pick at his fingernails and didn't bring his head to look at me or my mum "yeah I remember her, she remembers me too, we talked earlier" he was very blunt, rude even, but somehow I secretly liked it. I found the situation far too awkward so I decided the best option would be to get up and find my dad and congratulate him. As I got up I slipped on my heal and fell back into my seat, Harry chuckled still not looking up, I glanced a fake smile at him to say 'thanks for your consideration'. The second time I got up I succeeded managing to make my way over to my dad who was standing next to his marshmallow bride. Catherine obviously spotted me walking over so she walked off, it was just me and my dad. "Hey sweetie, it's beautiful here isn't it?" I shot him a very evil glare, "don't call me sweetie, my name is Tori, not sweetie" I'm sure my dad was just calling me that to show his friends that I was his 'little girl'. My dad pulled my hand over to an Irish accent coming from the corner, in fact two. There was a young boy with blonde hair stood in the corner with who looked like his dad "this is my daughter, Tori", I hated all these introductions "hi" is all I managed to get the energy for. The blonde haired boy was staring at me, what was it with boys staring at me in this dress? It was purple skin tight but not too short, I wasn't flat chested but I certainly wasn't 'busty' I would call myself medium! "I'm Niall" the blonde boy almost shouted over the loud music that started playing. "I'm Tori" I had no energy to talk to boys especially when they had clearly just been staring at me. "You're beautiful, I mean it you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life" I picked up a drink from the table next to me and took the straw in my mouth. "I bet you say that to every girl you meet" he frowned obviously not been rejected before, he was beautiful, his hair blonde and combed up, blue eyes, all the things you expect from a ladies man. I couldn't believe I just thought of someone as a ladies man, it sounded so cliche. "Well aren't you a feisty one, wasn't expecting that from an innocent doll face" I didn't like his attitude, I wanted to slap him right there and then for calling me 'an innocent doll face' but I had already been rude to my dad so I didn't want to make anymore drama. I did have a round face, green eyes, ashy blonde hair and plumped lips but he had no right to point that out. "Well life is full of surprises" I smiled and walked back to my table, I'd rather talk to Harry than have some cocky boy hit on me. My mum smiled as she saw me walking back to the table. "Who was that? He liked you, I saw the way he looked at you" my mum blurted, right in front of Harry as well, it couldn't of got any worse. "It was a boy, and that's none of your business" Harry was still sat at the table but he was looking towards the door where there was a patio looking over the lake. As he was looking away, I couldn't help but take the opportunity to stare at his handsome features, beautifully illuminated by the sun coming from the large window. My moment of starling was interrupted by Des sitting down at the table with a woman and one of my uncles and his girlfriend joined the table. A plate full of potatoes and meat was dumped in front of me by a clumsy waitress. "Thanks" I said in a sarcastic tone. My mum glared at me, I shrugged my shoulders as if to say 'what, she deserved it?' I ate my meal but left most of the potatoes, I wasn't really a potato person. Everyone listenedIn silence to the toasts and all the over lovey dovey stuff and the cutting of the cake. Once that was over, all the tables were cleared and pushed to the side creating a dance floor decorated with fairy lights and disco balls. All my favourite songs were playing, I couldn't help but think my dad did this to give me a reason to stay. I was tired of dancing so I went over to the bar and grabbed what ever alcohol was in sight. I carried my drink to the dance floor and stood tapping my foot in the corner. I felt a sudden force on my hip, someone was stood behind me, there fingers digging into the skin on my hip, another hand went over my mouth. I was stood in a dark corner where nobody could see me or whoever was gripping my waist. A hot breath came to my ear "I don't like it when girls walk away from me, and you did that didn't you? I like feisty girls but not stubborn ones, so now I'm going to get my way" the fingers were removed from my waist and they were now squeezing my hand. Tears fell from my eyes, dripping onto my purple dress. The hand was pulling me outside across the gravel to the side of the building. A light from the side of the hall illuminated the face of the stranger. It was Niall. His hand was over my mouth pressing my head to the wall. I screamed into his hand as his hand came up my thigh, more tears rolled down my face, some rolling over his hand. I closed my eyes when I felt his hand come up my dress and press against the inside of my thigh. Just as I thought everything was going to get worse, the pressure was released, there was no touch on me at all. I opened my eyes to Niall lying on the floor, nose bleeding with Harry on top of him.      

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