3. Moment

The photographer took the picture and everyone started to return to chatting mode. I walked away from Harry as fast as I could trying to avoid an awkward conversation, I could feel his eyes upon me as I walked away but I couldn't bring myself to turn round and check. I walked over to where my dad was stood,this time without Catherine by his side, he welcomed me over with his arms open obviously indicating for me to hug him, I felt obliged to hug him back so I did. Even though I still had my back to Harry, I could still feel his eyes looking right through me like two lasers piercing my skin. I decided that the best thing to do was to ignore it, even though it was the hardest option. I made small talk with my dad to take my mind off the situation as it was starting to slightly scare me. Maidenly,I felt the two piercing holes in my back disappear, this time I had to turn round and check. I turned my head to look behind, catching a glimpse of curly hair climb into the back of a black jeep, Des driving and a woman sat next to him in the passenger seat. I let out a sigh of relief knowing that I wouldn't have to face Harry again, at least for a couple more hours after his awkward few words spoken to me just over ten minutes ago. My dad caught me starring as the black jeep drove away, and took hold of my wrist. "Tori, I have to tell you something that I should have told you a long while ago" worry started to flush through me making me jump to conclusions too quickly about what my dad might be wanting to tell me. My dad took me back into the large hall where the wedding service took place, there was nobody in there, not one single person. My dad started to talk quietly but his voiced projected much louder as the hall was so empty it caused an echo. "Tori, you remember Sam and Harry don't you?" I nodded " can you remember Anne as well?" Again I nodded, I was begging to become impatient, wanting to know what my dad has to tell me. "Anne past away shortly after we moved, she died from a heart attack. Des was heart broken and put off telling Harry that his mum was never coming back. Harry was only six at the time and he was beginning to wonder where his mum had gone, Des told him a few weeks after her death. Harry became a very angry child after his mum had gone, rebelling against what his dad told him to do but then he got worse. He became violent not to his dad but to other people, even children, he didn't understand that it was not their fault. That is why we did not see Anne, Des and Harry again, as I thought that Harry would hurt you and even me.  When I invited Des to the wedding I did not know he was bringing Harry along but I want you ... No, need you to stay away from Harry, do you understand?" I wish he had told me this before, I have been old enough to handle the news for years ... Why didn't he tell me? I was surprised, shocked and sad all at the same time and millions of thoughts were going through my head, I collected myself enough to answer my dad. "Yes" that was the longest word I could get out of my mouth all my emotions turned to anger against my dad but I stopped myself from ruining his wedding day by just saying silent. For once I was glad to see Catherine, when she appeared in the doorway "we need to make our way to the reception now" her squeaky voice echoed around the room. "Okay, we are coming now" Catherine stood by the doorway until my dad walked out into the gardens, I stayed put. Catherine stayed stood in the doorway, waiting for me to say something to her but I wasn't going to give her what she wanted, I walked down the long hall and out the doorway, following my dad.

My mum was stood in the gardens waiting for me. As soon as I appeared from the large entrance, my mum rushed to my side. "C'mon we better make our way to the reception party" I stayed silent and just gave her a microscopic nod, she could tell something was up. I was going to say something to her about not telling me before now, but I decided it would be better to argue in the car where nobody could listen in. I walked as fast as I could over to the car and waited for my mum to open the door, as soon as it opened I climbed in and slammed the door. My mum new I was angry, I always slam the door when I'm angry. My mum climbed in and closed the door. "Why didn't you tell me?" My mum's face was confused, trying to think what she might not have told" She obviously didn't know that dad was going to tell me. "About Anne" her face started to look slightly guilty, I don't know how but it did. "You weren't old enough to know"  her words made me angry, very angry. I started to shout "I am eighteen years old mum, I am an adult, why on earth would you think I'm not old enough?" I waited for an answer to come straight away but it didn't, I stared at her while she thought of her answer. "For god sake tori, I don't know, I just don't know" her answer angered me more " instead you let me think that our closest friends don't like us anymore, I was looking forward to them coming to stay, looking forward to seeing my best friend and instead you just let me forget about them" Mum didn't say anything, just pulled away and started driving. I wanted my anger to pass so I decided to just say silent and I kept telling myself that.  

As soon as we pulled up at the reception I practically jumped out of the car and towards the entrance, it looked like an old village hall from the outside, I was slightly suprised as I thought it would be a lot grander. As I approached the doorway, my worst nightmare came true. Harry was stood outside the entrance, cigarette in hand, eyes to the ground. I start to walk to the entrance hoping that he will not notice me. Nope. Harry's head flicked up and his green orbs connected with my brown ones, it was the first time I actually started into his eyes. his eyes were more beautiful up close but  a lot of pain and anger were hidden behind them. The whole moment went in slow motion, something that has never happened to me before, I carried on starring into his eyes, I couldn't help myself. It was then I noticed a bloodied spot under his eyebrow and on his lip, he had piercings? I looked down at his cigarette his cigarette had not been bitten but it was obvious that it had made contact with his lips, was it just for show? Was he trying to quit? I hoped it was the second one. I suddenly snapped out of the slow motion moment and carried on walking inside. It was the strangest moment in my life that I had ever experienced, it felt like somehow I connected with him, like I could feel the hurt, the pain, the anger in his eyes. I want to feel that moment again, it was peaceful and painful at the same time. 

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