War Paint.

Every school has one. One who doesn't fit in and listens to that screamo music which gave you nightmares.

The thing is, this school has one, but in this school, it's like a fight for survival.


1. Prologue.

"When a girl is the one who listens to that freak emo music, she gets picked on. When a girl is the one who hasn't had many boyfriends, she gets picked on. When a girl dresses in all black, and has make up like a panda, she gets picked on. Silver why can't you fucking see this you freak of nature! You don't even try to fit in!!" Welcome to the tragic and worthless act I call my life. To be honest I'm just like every other teenager. I listen to music, look after my hair and wear make up. However, I choose to listen to different music, have my hair different and my make up different. That's where the bullying comes in. I've never really had a lot of boyfriends. No ones really ever been interested in me. I don't care. At least they think I don't.

I stare Britney in the eyes, before saying something I knew I'd regret. I take a deep breath. 'This is it Silver. Might as well do it now." I think. And then I say words like venom.

"Britney shut the fuck up. Can't you see I go through enough. I don't need your bullshit to make it worse. Now take your orange face away from here, and leave me the fuck alone. Just face it. You look like a fucking gold fish. You wear a push up bra because you have no fucking boobs. Your hair looks like it's been down a fucking toilet and don't even get me started on your fucking clothes." By now a whole crowd has gathered around the lockers, the same place where I got beat up the other day. They're gasping at the words coming out of my mouth. I watch Britney as she stares at me with anger in her eyes. I watch as her face flushes a deep red, and I watch as her mouth opens and closes like a real gold fish. I laugh pathetically, realising I just beat the slut. I walk away shaking my head, and when I get to the door, I open it, but before I walk out I turn around to Britney. "Don't get your thong in a twist." I laugh as the crowd begin to clap, but I just walk out, out of the school and into the streets, where I would soon meet my destiny.

Kayy well that's the first chapter of War Paint. I'm sorry if it's short, but if you like the story so far, i promise you'll love it soon. Please give moi feedback, as I like to know what people think of my stories.

Much love, Lucy. xo

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