Turboblaze. (A pokemon fanfic)

The events of Sinnoh have been put behind Blue's mind, and she's determined to start fresh in the far away region of Unova. With her two best friends, a young boy named Green and her pokemon, Glaceon, nothing will stop her from saving Unova.


1. the troubles of Sinnoh.

About 6 months ago, a young trainer named Blue traveled from Unova, her home region to help stop the troublesome team galactic, all the way in Sinnoh. With help from a strong trainer from Kanto, Green, they defeated team galactic and saved the lake trio. Leaving her pokemon from Sinnoh at professor juniper's lab, she sets off with Green and her newly evolved Glaceon to deafen gym leaders and eventually save the Unova region.

"Green wake up! Nurse Joy is expecting us in Accumula town any minute now!" I whisper into Green's brown spiky hair. That's the thing with Green. He always sleeps in late. Even in Sinnoh when we had to protect the lake trio and stop team galactic, he'd sleep in late. But he's my best friend, and I don't know what I'd do with out him. Sighing as he doesn't move, I take my only pokeball out of my pocket and let Silver, my Glaceon out of her pokeball. After she materialises, she leaps onto the chair next to the bed and shouts out an energetic "Glace!!" I laugh, but bring my finger to my lips and point at Green.

"Silver, can you do me a favour?? I need you to use Icy Wind on Green, just don't freeze him." I whisper. Silver jumps up from the chair, and breathes the icy wind over Green. I watch as he stops breathing, but he lets out an angry groan. "BLUE AND SILVER YOU'RE SO DEAD." I Burst out laughing but I stop as I realise the whole reason why I woke Green up.

"Green hurry up!! Nurse joy is expecting us at to pokecenter!! We need to hurry!!" I return Silver to her pokeball, Green gets changed, we grab our bags and we run across route 1, and fall into the pokecenter of Accumula town head first.

We both flush bright red, and we apologise to the people we disturbed. We make our way to the desk, and apologise to Nurse Joy.

"Oh, no problem. My sister works in a pokecenter over in Kanto, and she told me about a young boy named Green who always woke up after everyone else when he stayed there. I figured that was you and I made you both some medicines for your journey whilst I waited. How was your night at professor Juniper's?" Nurse Joy says, with a friendly smile on her face.

"Oh it was great, we got to meet the three starter pokemon for trainers that start their journey in Unova." Green replies.

"Yeah, I wish I could keep the little Tepig though! He was so sweet, and professor Juniper said that his last trainer had abandoned him, so he went back." I say.

"Oh, poor guy. Well you guys know how to use the pc's, so here's your medicine. Good luck on your journey!!" Nurse Joy says. We both say thanks, and we head out the door.

A crowd of people had gathered around the west side of the town, so I headed over, Green following behind me. As I was making my way over, I trip up something orange and black. I look down, and see the Tepig from the pokemon lab. I sigh and pick him up, wondering what he was doing here. I look up in time to see an old man dressed in a strange robe, with green hair and a red eye patch, start a speech about pokemon liberation.

Okay, so this is the first chapter of Turboblaze, which will be based on the events of Pokemon black. So, Green is actually Gary Oak from the pokemon anime, or blue from the manga, and Blue is Leaf, from the pokemon games. I just changed their names and personalities a bit. So, please comment or like this Movella of you like it, and please give me feedback.

Much love, Lucy.

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