"I don’t know me.
Who I am, I mean.
All I know is I’m different."


1. Prologue



In this rundown city, in these forgotten times, bodies go unnoticed.

They’ve become part of the scenery.

The body lands with a soft thwump and I wipe my blade on his filthy black jacket before sliding it into its case, strapped to my back.

My eyes look over the slit throats and the accidental decapitation.

They’re dead.

Job done.

The little girl and boy the teens had been trying to mug, ran off a while ago and I silently wish them the best.

They were going to need it.

You’re as close to trouble as you are to rats nowadays, and we were swarming with rats.

They liked the corpses.

I had been told tales of the time before, clean streets, education, jobs, happiness...

It was as hard for me the fathom as the size of the universe.

I fold myself back into the shadows and move along. It’s not long before my sword is once again bathed in moonlight and cuts through flesh, desperately trying to restore the world to what it once was.

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