"I don’t know me.
Who I am, I mean.
All I know is I’m different."


5. Katana Girl

It was when darkness returned that I emerged from my lair.

I hadn’t realised how stuffy the air had become until the cool night breeze gushed down my throat.

I click my back and stretch my wings before folding them back against my body. Looking out into the street, I start walking, no goal in mind, no controlled pace.

Sometimes I strolled along the pavement, sometimes I stalked across the rooftops, mine was not a restricted life, at night at least, yet I still did the same things each day.

I think one of my books had described that as insanity.

It was taking longer than it usually took for me to find someone, but the irresistible pull wasn’t what caught my attention.

It was lamplight glinting off highly polished metal.

I crouch at the edge of the edge of the roof, arms resting on my knees as I zone in one the light reflecting off a long, shining, sharp katana sword.

The wielder wasn’t quite distinguishable. Despite my night vision, they were hidden by the remains of a car, the wheels and most of the metal gone, reused or sold.

A tall young man with acne spotted skin and a cap stood in front of the wielder, their sword tucked behind their back out of sight of the adolescents darting eyes.

The boy took a step closer and I caught just the end of a barked order before the sword danced through the air and clean across his throat.

He fell to the floor and the mysterious person came into view.

A girl. Tall and lithe, strong looking.

She wore soft, worn looking combat trousers and a dark purple vest top despite what I knew should be a cold night.

As she bent to wipe her sword on his grubby jacket, the sword sheath on her back shifted her top, revealing the edge of what looked like a tattoo before she straightened and span round in my direction.

Her hair was short, cutting in around her face in a harsh, edgy style. But there was a natural curl to it that made the dark strands look soft.

Her green eyes looked at me.

At me.

I startle, pulling more shadows around me, I stand and take a step back.

She shouldn’t have seen me.

No one saw me.

Not unless I wanted them to.

Stealing the unexpected nerves, I crouch low and peek over the roof.

She was gone.



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