It's Complicated

"What are we?" He sighed before placing a soft kiss on my forehead.
"It's complicated baby, it's complicated..."


7. Chapter 6


Zayn's POV:


I rushed to her side as I saw her eyes close and her body fall to the left. To the right, next to her, I spotted a small spit of blood confirming my thoughts on why she had fainted. I cut the ropes around her arms and lifted her up. Her small body made no response as I took her into my arms. She was frozen. As I looked at her, I noticed her pale face, almost turning blue, dark circles were traced around her eyes because of her lack of sleep. I wonder if she had slept after I had left yesterday. Probably not I told myself as I starred at her. The room was really cold; it was the coldest of the house in winter and the hottest, during summer. I felt guilty looking at her. I shouldn't have left her.

I should have given her food and water. I should have brought a blanket. I made my way back up the stairs and through the long corridor, into my room. There, I placed her softly under the blankets and turned the heat on. I walked back upstairs, into the kitchen and wet a small towel in hot water. I took a plate and placed cookies, warm milk and a banana. After that I made my way upstairs, caring everything on a tray.

She looked a bit better when I walked in but as I touched her forehead, it was heating up. I knew she was sick, when I touched her hands: they were frozen. I placed the tray on the bed side table and put the wet cloth on her forehead.

I thought about waking her up, but she seemed so peaceful I decided against it and laid myself on the other side of the bed, putting my arms around her, trying to heat her up. She turned around, eyes still closed and got closer to me. I smiled. What was I thinking? Why had I brought her here? Why hadn't I left her in her bed? All those thoughts kept coming up in my head, but deep down inside, I knew, I had fallen for her.

I began thinking back to the first time I had seen her. She was handing the menu to an old couple of people who looked very in love, smiling sweetly at them. She then made her way to me, but before she could; her manager called her asking her to do something. She sighed and disappeared into the kitchen.

For the next days, I kept seeing her there and kept coming back to do so.

I was really surprised when I saw her lying on the sofa next to a standing Jake that night he took her. I

I then realised, that I probably should forget about her, that she didn't know me, that she might have had a boyfriend and that she didn't even know me when I knew so much about her. I made the guys leave and when I was sure they had left, I placed a small kiss on her forehead before whispering “Sleep tight beautiful”. I made my way out of the room deciding I would try and have as little contact with her as I could. I knew the possibility of her liking me back was minimal and gave up on her.


I was out of my day dream as soon as I hear her voice. I looked at her and saw that she was still sleeping. Then I heard her voice mumble something: “ Don't leave me. Please don't. I'm scared.” She was frowning and her voice was raspy from the lack of water. I held her closer to me and whispered: “ Don't you worry, I got you.” She seemed to calm down at my soothing words and after waiting for a few minutes for her to fall asleep, I slowly drifted into a state of unconsciousness.

I hoped she would forgive me tomorrow.



When I woke up the next day, Jane was still wrapped in my arms and she was at a normal body temperature again. I felt her shift against me and I slightly unwrapped myself from her, but not entirely. She groaned and her eyes started opening slowly. While one of her fisted hands rubbed one eyelid, the other one was held up in the air. She was awake.

She looked around, at her surroundings and her eyes widened as she realized where she was. Finally her gaze landed on me as I waited for any type of reaction from her. She made no sound. She got back down on the bed with me and I was about to embrace her again, she winced slightly and I realized, she was scared of me.

Of course she would be. She had every reason in the world to be! I was the one that had chained her in the basement two days ago. I was the one who left her. Yes, she had been annoying me, but wouldn't I have tried to escape, if I had been in her position?


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