It's Complicated

"What are we?" He sighed before placing a soft kiss on my forehead.
"It's complicated baby, it's complicated..."


6. Chapter 5


Emma's POV:


I woke up in a comfortable bed. As I tried to move, I noticed two strong arms laced around my waist. I squealed in surprise. What was I still doing here? Had I been dreaming of escaping? The man next to me woke up and he mumbled something.


“What?” I asked, not sure about what he had muttered about.


“It wasn't a dream.”he repeated louder. Is he some sort of creepy mind reader??


“Oh. What do you mean?” I replied innocently avoiding his gaze not sure what to say.


“Don't play dumb with me!You know there are going to be consequences to your little stunt right? I mean, I got close to no sleep last night because of you. I searched the woods for hours! Did you even think for a second I wouldn't be find you??”

I looked at him incredulously with wide eyes before screaming.

“I bet if you had been kidnapped by some crazy guy just after he beat the hell out of someone and found yourself trapped in a house, you would have wanted to escape too... ” I was annoyed at him. I was not a morning person so it wasn't helping my crappy mood.

He laughed humourlessly before replying

“If I had tried to escape, I wouldn't have ran away before having an actual plan. Then, I wouldn't have been caught. Now be a good girl and follow me.”


He got of the bed, and glared at me as I refused to follow his orders. He grabbed my arm and pulled me up to my feet. Defeated, bent down to pick the slippers, that had been provided for me by the guys.


“Nope. You don't get to bring anything where your going.” He spat at me.

I put the slippers back to their original spot, under the bed and followed him

out of the room. We went through a long corridors and down a cold set of

stairs. I had never been to this part of the house, but I had to admit, it didn't

look very welcoming. We arrived in a small dirty and cold basement. The

walls were a light greyish greenish colour and the floor was made of wood.

There wasn't any furniture in the room except for an old looking broken lamp

lying on the floor with a few pieces of glass around it. I was beginning to

wonder why he had brought me here when Zayn unexpectedly grabbed both

of my arms and started tying them together as panic took over me. “Wh-

what are you do-doing??” I asked my voice trembling. He wouldn't leave me

would he? He couldn't! I was slightly claustrophobic and the idea itself of

being alone in an empty dark room made me cringe. He made no effort in

talking to me and once he had firmly bound my arms together so that even

little movement couldn't be made, he attached the extra piece of rope to a

metal stick sticking out of the wall. He made sure I couldn't escape, checking

the rope one more time to be sure it wasn't broken anywhere and shut the

door turing the lights off as he walked out leaving me on my own...


Emma's POV:


A few hours had passed and although I was still tense I was now perfectly calm. I had spent the first hour screaming for help and panicking but I soon calmed down realising that he probably couldn't hear me. I was currently trembling but not because I was afraid; it was because I was cold. My feet were irresponsive as I tried to move them and my hands could have been made of ice.

The room was dark but because of a small window near the door, a bit of light was visible. There obviously was no heating and because we were in January, and the only piece of clothing I had was an oversize shirt and boxers, I was absolutely frozen to the spot. It was probably snowing outside, because the window had small droplets of water coming out of it and I somehow knew it wasn't rain.

Hunger burned my stomach. I hadn't eaten since before my escape and my stomach was growling while my head had been imagining plates full of my favourites food and glasses full of water.

I was extremely thirsty too and it set my throat on fire making it almost impossible for me to swallow my saliva. As I tried screaming again, no sound came out of my mouth. Instead, I started coughing uncontrollably and suddenly spit a bit of blood. My eyes widened as I stared at the small red liquid on the floor. Was I going to make it out of here? How long was I supposed to stay?

Would he feed me?

All those thoughts made my head spin and as my eyes closed, I heard the door open revealing a dark figure. Zayn.



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