It's Complicated

"What are we?" He sighed before placing a soft kiss on my forehead.
"It's complicated baby, it's complicated..."


5. Chapter 4


 A hundred and twenty six pages later, I started getting bored again and noticing a tennis ball on the floor, I started throwing the ball against the door repetively.

Three minutes later, an angry looking Jake unlocked the door and stood in front of me. Not bothering to look at him, I continued throwing the ball again and again until he intercepted the ball with his hands and walked out of my room leaving the door wide open behind him. A few minutes later, the door was still opened and I decided to go out of my room to visit the house.

As I came into the living room I noticed nobody was there and decided to make a run for it.

Slowly opening the door without it making any sound, I quietly made my way into the garden. As I turned around to close the door, I heard an exhaling sound as if someone was breathing heavily. I was right. On my right, his back turned to me stood Zayn, smoking a cigaret. Luckily, he hadn't spotted me yet. Yet. My heart beating fast, I quietly walked to the door without him noticing, but as I was about to leave he threw his cigaret and turning around, saw me. His eyes widened as his mouth turned into an “O”. Then his whole expression changed as a frown replaced followed by a heavy glare. It was time for me to leave! I opened the door and started sprinting to a forest. The only thing there was, was a forest. A big huge frightening dark forest that didn't look appealing at all. I had no choice. I ran, and ran and ran as long as I could I then hid behind a big bush and waited.

After about an hour, I had seen no one. I had two options: I could either try to find my way in this forest at night, or I could sleep under the shining stars and find my way in the morning. The second option sounded easier even though I had to sleep on the ground with who knows what dangers awaiting me. I laid down and starting counting the stars, slowly drifting to a state of unconsciousness...


A/N :

Sorry this is such a short chapter!

So I wanted to know if I could get more feedback from my readers because I'm not sure if this is a good story... Also English isn't my language so if you notice any grammar errors tell me so I can modify them! Comment and tell me what you think about the story, any recommendations anything is fine. No hate though, just recommendations :) !

Thank you!



Thank you!

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