It's Complicated

"What are we?" He sighed before placing a soft kiss on my forehead.
"It's complicated baby, it's complicated..."


4. Chapter 3


 He nodded before pointing to another door situated behind me. “Bathroom” he said. You should change. You must feel dirty.” He said no sign of emotion in his voice. I nodded and tried to get up, but let out a little scream as my ankle reminded me he was hurt, and fell back down on my bum. Zayn sighed and carried me to the bathroom. I noticed that the others had left leaving the door closed.

He sat me next to the sink and opened a few drawers looking for something. When he finally found it he took a little wooden box out of a cupboard and opened, revealing medecine, plasters and bandages along with a pair of scissors and medical tape.

“Take off your jeans” he said looking through the box. “What? No!” I exclaimed. What a pervert!

He sighed, “Not in that way! Your skinny jeans make it impossible for me to bandage your ankle!”

“Oh...” I said slowly looking at the ground blushing. “So are you gonna' take your pants or what?” He exclaimed annoyed. “Sorry. Can you turn around ?” I asked in a little voice. As he turned around, I slowly unzipped my jeans and painfully tried to take them off. “Ow!” I exclaimed as my injured ankle started hurting again.

He softly pulled my jeans off my legs and gave me a short towel to wrap around the lower part of my body so that I wouldn't be embarrassed. Then, taking a green cream out of a tube he gently rubbed and massaged my ankle making sure not to hurt me in any way.

Finally, he wrapped a bandage around my ankle and gave me mini shorts to wear.

“There” He said looking at me; “all done for now”.

We stayed there for a minute looking into each other's eyes before he quickly went out of the room, not saying a word but blushing so slightly I almost didn't see it.

Since I was in the bathroom, I decided to take a long and relaxing bath to help my nerves.

As I turned on the water, nothing came out, but green and yellow, dirty water. It looked as if that water pipe hadn't been used for ages, which was surely the case.

I sighed, I had been longing for warm water.

As I make my way back to my room, I decide to explore it a bit and look around the room. There isn't much. Not even a TV, but as I make my way to the bookshelf, I notice a shadow moving past me. I quickly turn around and notice a big black furry rat hurriedly making it's way to my bathroom.

I let out a huge scream and jumped on my bed staring at the bathroom. The door opened quickly revealing a stressed out Zayn looking around the room with eyes wide with fear. As soon as he spots me he lets a sigh of relief and asks harshly “What the hell Jane?”. “There's a RAT in the bathroom. A RAT!! And the water doesn't work I can't take a shower! I can't possibly stay in this room!”

“Seriously? Your complaining about a rat? You'll see much worse in this house then a couple of ol' rats! Now stop being such a girl and find an occupation or something. You'll take a shower later.”

He exclaimed starting to walk to the door.

I whimpered, “No please don't leave me alone in this room... Please Zayn... I am a girl after all...”

He stops for a moment and seems deep in thought before turning his head sharply and saying cruelly “No”. He then leaves the room closing the door and locking it. What a jerk!

I spot a book that looks appealing near the bed and carefully pick it up.

On the cover is written “Wuthering Heights” Emily Bronte. One of the classics. I had studied it at school a long time ago but couldn't remember much of the story. I opened the book and began to read.


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