It's Complicated

"What are we?" He sighed before placing a soft kiss on my forehead.
"It's complicated baby, it's complicated..."


3. Chapter 2



          I woke up with a huge headache and tried to get up but failed miserably as I felt a sharp pain in my left ankle. and came tumbling back to the floor. That of course made a lot of noise, and soon enough, five guys entered the room.

I watched them carefully as they placed themselves in front of me.

“You're awake then, I see. Did you sleep well?” one of them asked.

“How long was I asleep?” I interrogated them.

“You 'been asleep for a couple of days. Jake hit ya' pretty hard back there.”

The man to my right answered.

“How long will I stay here? Where am I? Who are you? Why am I here??” I asked quickly in a panicky voice.

Answering on of my questions they presented themselves.

“ I'm Jake, the one who brought you here 'cause you were a nosy brat.” Said the one to my left.

He had short curly hair and was very well built. He noticed me checking him out and winked seductively. I cringed disgusted at his behaviour towards me.

“I'm Brian. Nice to meet you... I guess...” he said clearly uncomfortable. He looked very young, aproximately seventeen, and I wondered what he was doing out of school. He had long brown hair that ended un to his shoulders and was wearing jeans and a jumper. He looked almost fragile and not like he enjoyed himself. “He's my brother” said Jake. Oh.. thats why he was here...

“Next to him is Jacob” continued Jake as I looked up to find green eyes staring down at me.

He was definitely scary. He was very tall and looked as if he worked out daily; he had tattoos on his arms and his ears, eyebrows, nose and mouth was covered in several different piercings. He smirked at me and bowed before saying : “My room's the one to your left, feel free to visit me when you want.” I felt myself getting sick at his comment and turned to look at the next man. He looked asian, perhaps chinese? He had glasses black geeky glasses and a blue shirt on. His hair was black and very short. “I'm Eric.” He said politely. “The computer geek might I add” snickered Jake as Eric looked down ashamed of having such a nickname. I still sat there saying nothing while my face turned towards the last man. “Zayn” he said starring blankly at me his hard expression unreadable.

He was very handsome. He was the tallest of them all and had dark hair. His hazel eyes glimmered as he looked at me curiously before demanding in a harsh tone “who are you?”

I immediately answered. “I'm Jane” I said lying about my name. If ever I had the chance of escaping I didn't want them to be able to find me.

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