It's Complicated

"What are we?" He sighed before placing a soft kiss on my forehead.
"It's complicated baby, it's complicated..."


2. Chapter 1



-“Get to table number seven Emma!”

I sighed before heading towards the table, paper and pen in hand.

- “Hello, are you ready to order?” I asked the two young girls on table seven.

-“Two salmon salads and two glasses of water please.” replied one of them.

I headed towards the kitchen and gave the orders to Ryan who quickly started cooking.

I opened one of the cupboards hoping I could get a glass of water, but was interrupted by Jeff my boss who ordered me to go do the rooms on the floors seven and eight.

I took the staff elevator up to the seventh floor and started cleaning.

An hour later, I had moved to the eighth floor witch was a restricted area reserved mostly for rich guests and celebrities, you had to be wealthy enough to buy a whole floor.

Luckily enough there were only six rooms and I had hoped not all of them were occupied.

I carefully knocked on the first door saying a bit loud perhaps: “Room service!”

At first, nothing happened, but as soon as I began to walk away, the door opened revealing a strange looking boy with wet hair and only a towel draped around his waist.

He placed the sign “DO NOT DISTURB!” on the door before rudely slamming it shut.

How uncivil!

I went to the next door and was about to knock when the door flew opened as a blond boy went out the door.

“Oh um... would you like room service sir?” I asked timidly not daring to look at him in the eye.

“Sure. Watev' ” He replied nonchalantly and before leaving me to it, added: “ And be sure to refill the minibar! Its almost empty and I like midnight snacks.”

“Of course.” I replied, “Have a nice day sir...” “You too” he mumbled indistinctly.

As I made my way into the huge room, I couldn't help but notice it was perfectly clean except for maybe a few T-shirts thrown on the floor and the bed undone, which was perfectly normal considering the fact that he was in a five star hotel and surely expected his room to be made.

After making his room and refilling the minibar, like I was told to do, I made the other rooms which

were all very disorganized.

I then headed to the front desk, hung my apron and made my way to the bathroom to change into normal clothes. I had an hour lunch break before from two to three and then I had to come back until nine o'clock.

I walked in the busy streets of London and decided to take a shortcut by walking through a dark alley. As I reached the end of it, I heard swearing. A man was throwing punches over and over at another man stomach. “ Where's ma' money?” bellowed the man, before pulling out a gun and putting it to the other man's head.

I gasped as he shot the poor man without thinking twice about it. As the victim sunk to the floor, the

assassin headed towards me. I let out a little scream and started to run toward an exit. I unfortunately bumped my foot on an empty can of beer, making me fall on my knees to the floor. As I tried to get up and run, I accidentally twisted my feet.

Again, I tried running but I had sprained my ankle, and the murderer was approaching fast.

“ Wait!” his gruff voice called out.

I screamed as he stood dangerously close to me.

Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain in my head and the world began to get fuzzy as I slowly fell into unconsciousness.  

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