My life of wonders

What happens after Brooke and Zoey graduate high school? Read to find out!!!(this is a one direction fan fic btw)


6. 4

Zoey's Pov

As Brooke and I were walking towards the school entrance I heard our name Being called me and Brooke both turned around and saw Harry and Niall walking up to us the said hey in unison my and Brooke both said hi shyly and the out of no where Harry came out and said you look beautiful I was blushing like crazy and I said than thanks then he asked if he could wall me to my first class I said yes and told Brooke I would meet up with her laters she said ok and I left with Harry.

Brooke's Pov

As I was talking to Niall and I froze at what he said he called me stunning and I'm pretty sure my face was as red as a tomato then Zoe came over and told me she would meet up with me later because Harry is going to walk her to class I said ok and then it was just me and Niall he asked if he could walk me to my class to I said yes and we started to walk.

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