My life of wonders

What happens after Brooke and Zoey graduate high school? Read to find out!!!(this is a one direction fan fic btw)


5. 3

Zoey's Pov

There he was standing right next to his car the one of the most popular guys in our school he was just perfect his name was Harry, Harry styles to be exact I have had a crush on him like my whole high school experience and he was with his 4 best mates Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn and Brooke has had a crush on Niall from the start of high school to but I have no chance with Harry he is to perfect.

Brooke's Pov

We just got to school and saw the most attractive guys in the school and I noticed that there was only one spot in the school parking lot left and it was right next to Harry's car were him Niall and the rest of his mates were I was just so nervous to get out the car when I see Niall I just freeze because he is so perfect.

Harry's Pov

I was standing by my car with my lads and I noticed a car pulling in to the school I knew exactly who it was it was Zoey and her best friend Brooke Zoey is so gorgeous I've liked her from day one of 10th grade but I would never ask her out because I know she dose not feel the same way but today was the last day before we graduate high school so I'm and going to ask her if she was busy after graduation tomorrow so I could bring her to a party after the ceremony. Now is my chance because I just notice the only parking spot left was right next to mine.

Niall's Pov

Just as I saw a car pull in the school I looked at Harry and we were most defiantly thinking the same thing we talked about earlier in the week how we are going to ask out Brooke and Zoey and now let me just say I am really nervous because Brooke is the most stunning girl in the whole school and today is the day that I amp going to finally see if she feels the same about me the way I feel about her.

Brooke's Pov

We pulled in the spot next to Harry's car and got out I looked at Niall real quick to see his gorgeous face but what was weird was when I looked at him he was looking at me to and he smiled I slightly blushed while looking away and I saw Harry checking out Zoey so we started walking towards the school doors.

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