My life of wonders

What happens after Brooke and Zoey graduate high school? Read to find out!!!(this is a one direction fan fic btw)


3. 2

Brooke's Pov

I got a call from zoey asking me if I was ready for her to pick me up to go to school I told her I would be outside and we hung up I went down stairs and grabbed 2 breakfast bars and went outside and as soon as I finished locking the front door she pulled in my driveway I walked to her car and got in the passenger seat I gave her a breakfast bar because I knew that she would forget to eat and then be complaining until lunch she thanked me and we started to drive to school

Zoey's Pov

I pulled in to Brooke's driveway and she came to my car with 2 breakfast bar thank god I'm starving I forgot to eat before I

to get her. She gave me one and I thanked her then we started to drive to school 10 minutes later we arrived at school and there he was...

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