My life of wonders

What happens after Brooke and Zoey graduate high school? Read to find out!!!(this is a one direction fan fic btw)


2. 1

Brooke's Pov

I woke up to the blinding light coming through my curtain I got up and walked to my bathroom I turned on the show and got in **skip shower** I got out and put on my mint green with violet poka dot robe on I went back in my room and opened my closet I picked out a pair of black skinny jeans and a white crop top with a pair of black Uggs then went back to the bathroom and put on eyeliner and mascara and put my hair into a long fish tail braid.

Zoey's Pov

I was rudely awoken by the sound of my alarm clock I got up shut it off and walked in my bathroom and got in the shower **skip shower** I got out and wrapped a towl around my body and looked for a decent outfit for school I ended up picking out a pair of high wasted wight shorts and a black tank top with a pair of flip flops it went back to my bathroom and put my usual make up on I put foundation and eyeliner and mascara and curled my hair and kept it down and called Brooke to see if she was ready for me to pick her up we always car pool to school even though she has her own car I got my phone and clicked her contact after 2 rings she picked up

Z: Hey Brooke

B: Hey Zoe

Z: Are you ready to go

B: yeah I'll be outside

Z: Ok see you soon bye

B: Bye

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