My Dream Guy Short Story

So basically, it's a short story about a dream guy that I'd like. It might be boring, but you are more than welcome to read it if you'd like. Hope you enjoy it!


3. New to Class

     When he told us to begin working, I was started getting jitters. Like, what if he doesn't like me? What do I say to him first? I admit, I kind of always wanted to know him. But it seemed like whenever a person would try to talk to him, it's like he would just push them away, like he just wouldn't want to open up to anybody. But, hey. Who knows. There could just be another person in there waiting to come out. And hopefully, that's what I'll do today.
When I got up, I figured out it was stupid of me to do that cause we're sitting right next to each other. Then I sat back down cause he already got up and went to the seat in front of me. "Hey, my name's Nick. Hey Kaitlyn, my name's Nick. This might sound creepy, but it looks like I've seen you before.. AND DON'T WORRY, it's not like I'm flirting with you or anything, it's just that you look familiar in my mind, and I'm really trying to say this in a non-flirty tone but I ho-" and he kept going, going, going. I honestly thought it was pretty cute though, to see him all nervous like that. I just let him ramble on cause I didn't really know what to say. When he was finally done, he was out of breath. It looked like he just got out of water from swimming in there for about a minute. I almost giggled at how cute he was! He looked at me confusingly and I think I might have accidentally giggled for real..
"What are you laughing about?" he asked. I tried to cover it with a cough and tried to be serious. "Never mind, let's get to work. So. What do I do?" He chuckled then said, "Let me guide you through," then took my hand. I was tooken by surprise by the hand holding, but went on with it anyways. He led me through the class room to show me what happens each day. The teacher always tells us about Art Week the week before so we can get everything done in time. He only does this with his eight grade classes. During Art Week, we do a different thing for each day. On Mondays, we have to paint an abstract painting of shapes, on Tuesday of Art Week, we have to paint a picture inspired by our favorite movie. Wednesday's, we have to create a painting inspired by the colors of the rainbow. FRIDAYS, we have to write an essay of how we view art in our lives and in our future. Then, on the up-coming Monday, after school we get to display our paintings and bring our family with. I thought it was really cool, and I thought I was some lucky girl to be new on the very week before we start Art Week so I don't have to do anything. Hehe.

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