My Dream Guy Short Story

So basically, it's a short story about a dream guy that I'd like. It might be boring, but you are more than welcome to read it if you'd like. Hope you enjoy it!


2. Meeting

       It's already lunch time, and I only have uno friend. Well, if I'm even allowed to count her as a friend. She's one of those student council girls with blonde hair and pink plaid skirts. She probably wanted to make a good impression on me cause she doesn't want me to think less of her. Okay. So I still have no friends. Isn't this just a GREAT first day of school?
When the bell rang, I threw away my food and went to 5th period.
       Finally at 6th period, I entered the my last class, Art. I couldn't even draw a frickin stick figure. I don't even know why they put me in this place. But I was always to inspired by art. I always thought it was so interesting how you can make your own world by just some swishes of a paint brush. Even though it's probably more complicated than that.
      Anyways, when I entered my doom, I saw only one empty seat at the back of the class. I sat next to this guy who had a whole bunch of pimples and looked like he was trying to cover from people seeing him picking his nose, and a guy who's nose was in a Picasso book. Anyways, when the bell rang for class to start, I guess the teacher didn't see the new face of the classroom. And neither did the other students cause it looked like a normal day for them or something. I raised my hand right before the teacher began speaking. "Oh! Right. Everyone, welcome the new student, Kaitlyn Simon. Please, Kaitlyn, come up to the front and say hi." he said. The teacher seemed nicer than any of my other teachers, cause in my past classes, they only said, "Welcome Miss Kaitlyn. Your seat will be right there. As I was saying.." and whatever the heck they were saying. When I came up to the front, I saw everyone's eyes on me. Suddenly, my shoes started to look really interesting. The teacher told me something in a quiet voice, "Sorry, didn't know you were shy. By the way, my name is Mr.Garfield. Nice to meet you and welcome to my class." he told me with a smile. "It's fine," I replied. "Alright, you could go back now." he said. "Now, as I was about to say, we are about to start Art Week!" I looked pretty confused and nervous cause the only thing I knew how to draw was a star.
I think.
       "Since this is your first week Miss Kaitlyn, you don't have to participate in Art Week," Mr.Garfield said to me. I mentally sighed in relief. "But since your all new to this, I will assign you a partner to tell you what's going on during Art Week and what we do. But you still don't have to paint or anything." he said. I was wondering who could be my partner. All I was hoping for is that it wasn't Booger Dude sitting on my right. "Nick will be your partner. Could you raise your hand Nick so she knows who you are?" Picasso Dude began to raise his hand. It looked like he was trying to avoid eye contact with me.
        Actually, now that I think about it, I think I've seen him before.
Wait, I've seen those dark brown eyes before.. I always thought they looked so nice and I always felt like a creep whenever I stare at them cause I always feel like once I stare at them, I'm looking at them for at least an hour.
      Is that Nick.?
     Oh crap.. When I was thinking about him earlier today, I WASN'T ACTUALLY THINKING ABOUT SEEING HIM TODAY.
     "WHAT DO I DO." Yeah.. hahah.. when I have to start talking to people I don't really know, I tend to get REALLY nervous sometimes..

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