Black & Blue

He was dying, and I was the only
one who could save him.

✩ ✩ ✩ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✭ ✭ ✭ ★

© 2013 scarfs


1. Prologue

Black & Blue









   Stumbling into the bathroom, I flicked on the light and closed the door. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself. My mind was blank as usual as I stared at my reflection. I never thought much about myself, I wasn't stunning nor was I bland.

   Indie music drifted and tumbled out of my moms old stereo, it was a chilly autumn afternoon. The tunes sounded as though they were faded and far away, it was mostly oldies, music from the 70s. The music usually never ended, I never turned it off- not after the incident.

   Suddenly the lights went off and I cursed gently. There was no windows so the darkness seemed to consume everything it touched. I reached out and searched for the doorknob only then did I stop. I listened.

   The music was off.

   The silence crashed in my ears chaotically. My heart jumped as I turned slowly to face the mirror that was shining softly.

   I couldn't see anything. I let out a shaky breathe and slowly I leaned in closer to the mirror- in a trance, my heart thumping wildly; just as I got closer the lights flickered.

In that second I saw someone looming over me, a flash of golden eyes. He was here.

   I covered my mouth with my trembling hand and ran for the door. I tripped over my own clumsy feet, my body falling into something hard. I pushed myself off of him and tried to get up but he was too fast, he was the tiger and I was the mouse.

   He pulled me back onto his lap and put his lips to my neck, "Did you miss me, Princess?"

   I remained quiet as his hands swiftly pulled my scarf off. His teeth skimmed my bare neck, I tried desperately to control my breathing.

   I was tired of him. I did miss him. The old him.

   I shivered as he wrapped his cold arms closer around me, constricting me.

   I looked up but I couldn't see him, it was too dark. I knew that he could see me, clear and bright. The only thing I could kind of see was the glow of his eyes, the glow that replaced his once bright eyes, the golden glow that sucked all life of him, he was merely a shell of his former self.

   The shaking started in the tips of my toes and slowly ate it's way to my core; next my fingers twitched. Not another anxiety attack. Please.

   I recalled his face the last time I had seen him, a few weeks before. All those marks on his once pure skin, the eyeliner that now framed those glowing green eyes. Who are you? I searched in the dark for him. He was working his way up my jaw, his fingers digging into the sides of my thighs. I would have bruises later.

   Flashes of his former self flickered like the flutter of pages, my head was hurting. Images of his soft skin, rough on mine flew before my eyes. Soft crazy hair, wild eyes lit with fire and passion, the songs he used to play to me on that old rickety piano he used to own. That smile that lit his face, how he would get thrown back by his own laughter. The tears that filled in his eyes when he looked at me and thought about all that we  could  be.

   I felt myself leaning against him, 

my pulse slowed down until I found myself sinking into his arms.

I was traveling down a dark tunnel, 

the black so dark and bottomless that it was almost blue.




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