Black & Blue

He was dying, and I was the only
one who could save him.

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3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two


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   I stretched and groaned, my whole body felt sore and bruised.

   Springing up I looked around frantically, relaxing a little when I noticed I was back in my small room. It must have been a dream, I haven't seen him in months.

   Suddenly my neck felt as though it had caught on fire, I gasped and ran to the mirror on unsteady feet. I held my breathe as I saw little stars on my collarbone, literally. Every spot he had kissed on my collarbone was replaced with a small hollow star, the outline of a star. They appeared like tattoos, but as I touched them they glowed a dark gold and brought a searing pain to my chest.

   Tears spilled over my eyes and down my neck, "Hush, don't cry." The voice was low and Irish.

   I stiffened and looked around my dark room, "Who's th-there?"

   "I don't get why he doesn't like when you stutter, it's adorable when you're afraid." And with that I was abruptly cast into darkness.




   Black. It was light black. I couldn't explain it but I was surrounded by a mass of black feathers, like a circular feather prison. Like a bird cage, only the bars were made out of feathers. It was warm and drowsy in the cage, I think I've gone crazy. I fell asleep.




   The next time I woke up I looked down and found myself wearing a long lacy white dress, it reminded me of a wedding dress. The only weird thing was I could see a flower crown on my head. The flowers were moving. I blacked out-




   "Mom? Why is my name a color." I was looking at myself as a six year old. I tried to open my mouth and speak but no words came out, I tried moving but I wouldn't budge.

   "Because Angel, that's how your eyes looked like when I first held you." My mom. Oh my mother. How I miss her.

   "But I don't have blue eyes."

   "No, but when I looked into your eyes, past the color you looked blue." I was crying so hard standing there watching them, I couldn't move my hand to wipe away the tears.

   "What?" My younger self asked as my mom grabbed my six year old self and put me on her lovely shoulders.

   "Your soul looked sad, Angel- blue means sad and lonely."

   "I'm not sad and lonely, I've got you!" She didn't know- but mom did. Why didn't mom warn me?

   "Yes, yes- I love you my dear Blue." She hugged me tight, my small face pressed against her tshirt. Looking at mom now I could see tears glistening in her eyes, my six year old self wouldn't see them though because as quickly as her eyes shimmered with tears they had dissapeared and dried.

   "I love you too mommy." Don't leave! The image slowly faded and so did my awareness as my eyes started to close against their will.




   I woke up solemnly, I felt glum and worn out. I didn't even notice the person who was now in the same prison cage as I was.

   "You shouldn't cry, Angel." The voice was deep and held the same Irish tone from before.

   I was startled but I honestly didn't care anymore, "Don't call me that. Only my mother can call me that." I pressed my hands against the feather walls and searched them for an exit, any way out.

   "But that's what you are, an angel." I stopped searching and instead looked around for him. My hands went to my sides and bunched up in the white lace of the dress.

   "Show yourself." I said, I had meant to say it strongly but instead it came out timidly. I could tell he was hiding somewhere in the shadows.

   "You hate him." I stilled and my stomach flipped.

   "Then why did you go searching for him, if he only hurts you?" I stayed quiet as he spoke once more.

   "He bruises you every god damn time you see him, and yet you still stay with him. You found him, and you wanted him." He paused- "You love him." I saw a hand reach out of the shadows and touch the marks on my collarbone, I doubled over as stars blurred my vision.

   "He marked you, but that doesn't mean anything. It just means he has until the deadline to fill up those little stars of his or else he's never going to be yours."

   "D-don't touch me." I said as his fingers came an inch away from touching the stars again.

   "I won't, Angel." His hand retreated and the shadows lifted.

   I stared at him for a long time. He was tall and elegantly poised with blonde hair, the roots a dark brown.

   "C-can I leave this cage." I touched the feathers timidly and tried to push against them. The wall vibrated.

   "But if I can't touch you- then you can't touch me." The cage lifted up in swooping arches, the feathers glistened as they trembled lazily, stretching and spreading out behind him. The cage was attached to his back. 


   He had wings. He had black wings.


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