Black & Blue

He was dying, and I was the only
one who could save him.

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© 2013 scarfs


2. Chapter One

Chapter One


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   "Why would I like a fucking girl like you?" He pushed me and I fell on the cement scraping my elbows. Tears stained my cheeks as I pushed myself back up,

   "Why? Why do you do this to me?" My voice cracked and I felt his hand grab my collar angrily,

   "Stay away from me. I don't love you." Menance filled his voice as he let go roughly and walked to the other end of the alley way.

   My heart throbbed and ached as I massaged my bruising throat. I put my arms around myself and hid in the shadows. I watched as his lean figure turned around, please don't come this way, his curly hair was swept to one side of his face, hiding one of his eyes as he looked in the shadows for me.

   The dimly lit alley made it harder for him to see me, though I knew once he stepped into the shadows that he would be able to see me clear as day. I saw his green eyes connect with my brown eyes for a second before he got swallowed by the darkness.

   "I can hear your heart racing, Princess." He growled, I could feel him circling me like a preditor hunting his prey. Suddenly I felt hands grab my bruised shoulders.

   "Let g-go." His fingernails dug into my shoulders, he never did like when I stuttered.

   He did let go, I was surprised. But the next thing I knew he had my dark hair in his hands, he tugged at it until my face was upturned towards the stars in the dark sky. The cold air swept across my exposed neck.

   I felt his soft lips brush across the tender skin on my neck, his breathing slowed down and deepened.

   "I could turn you right here, Princess" His lips kissed my jawline and slowly worked their way down my neck to my collarbone.

   I groaned and suddenly his fingernails were attacking my collarbone, I screamed and fell backwards my hands going up to protect myself.

   I felt blood seeping from my collarbone, and I felt pain, so much pain. I looked down and saw his lips pressed to the wound, his wild eyes flickered upward then back down, his lips were gently kissing the injury.

   My breathing turned ragged and he finally broke from his spell and gazed fully at me. His green murky eyes were full of hunger as they locked onto my frightened ones.

   His trembling fingers came forward to touch me and I flinched backwards, I cowered until my back hit the wall. In one fluid motion he was pressed against me angrily,

   "You're mine now, don't hide." I felt tears build up underneath my eye lids.

   "Please, I don't want to be like you." My neck was throbbing and I felt my knees go weak.

   I heard a loud slap, and looked straight at him. He had slapped me. I felt my cheek blossom with heat, I stared right at him, I had nothing else to lose.

   "I hate you." I said it with so much dispise and hidden angst that I could see him stagger back almost as if I was the one that had hit him.

   His hand came up and grabbed my throat, his eyes had changed to a deep gold color, "I could kill you, Princess."

   "Go ahead." I had lost, the mouse was hanging from his jaws.

   He tightened his grip on me and I felt my breath hitch in my throat. I gasped for air as I slowly sunk down the wall, I wanted to scream for help but I couldn't. I'm going to die.

   And just like that he let go and I sunk to the floor in a heap trying to catch my breath.

   He enveloped me, I had nowhere to look but up. My whole body shook with terror as his body covered up mine. He's going to kill me. He kept getting closer, until his face was so close to mine that I could feel his cold breathe on my lips.

   His lips met mine for half a second, before he retreated. My heart stopped, his eyes widened for a second and flickered with light before squinting and glaring into mine,


   "Next time Princess, I will surely kill you." He stepped out of the shadows and disappeared.

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