Can you LOL?

Wanna laugh your ass off? Here, you can: LOL, ROTLF, LMAO, LMFAO and much more!


1. Really, can you?

Can you LOL?

No, I'm serious -for once in my life- can you?

Well let's see...

I dare you not to laugh while reading every single picture or text in here.

If you do, you failed. But don't worry, I failed too.

I laughed.

You know what? Screw that.

These are the things that I find on the internet or happen to me and every time I see them, I laugh like an idiot. Some things are annoying though, sometimes meaningful. But I laugh anyway.

So to start, I'll let you see this picture. (up there)

P.S: if you don't laugh, then your mature. This is fun stuff! Smile! (Or laugh)

Oh, I almost forgot! The cover of this book -at the moment- is the picture of my dumb dog. The cute one is just too cute for the cover! 

Nah, kidding! That's not a dog! That's a... Well a... It's a... Head.

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